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Moon Phase deer Hunting Report

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Place your feild report here.

Today I missed a doe about 20 yrds she jumped the string and I watched as my arrow went straight over her back. Hopefully I will have better luck this evening. If we all put in our deer sightings and what time and moon phase we could start our own research into the Moon phase and game times.

Sighted 2 deer Doe and a smaller doe.

Time: 10:00
Moon Phase: Full
Temp: 55-65 Degrees
Wind: S
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Temp; 65-75 Degrees
TIme: 4:00pm - 7:30 Pm
Wind : South
Moon: Full
Nothing sited.
Not hunting but filming.... South Georgia

Saturday afternoon.... 97 degrees.. 7:45 pm saw 3 small bucks.. 2 small 6 points in velvet and one spike out of velvet....and one young doe. The 2 6 points sparred a little and the even chased to little doe around a few times.
The spike stayed close to the others but kept his distance from the one 6 point.. must be a lover and not a

Sunday morning .... 74 degrees .. muggy and very heavy fog... saw 2 does at 8:45 am. No telling what walked as the visability was about 50 yards top.

This morning before work...70 somthing.. foggy again... saw 2 does at same spot.. probably the same as the day before... seen at a patch of wild grapes both times and they could care less about the truck and me.. drove to with in 100 yards of them and watched them from the truck for 20 mins until I had to go to work.

For the last week I have seen very few deer compared to 2 weeks ago... movement seems to be under moon light in the middle of the night.

Good luck guys.. I sure miss the hunting.... Sam
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I havent been out in the last few days but hopfully will get out soon.
Thats awsome guys the more we put down the better our survey will come out in the end I would like to add one more thing and that is how many hours that where spent in the stand on each hunt.
Hunted tonight with a half moon saw 6 does and two babys couldnt get a shot because there was way to many eye's. It was about 80 degrees and wind was from the south.
Hunted from 5:00-7;00
Hunted this afternoon for first time this season, 6 pm 'til dark. Saw 10 does and yearlings, 1 young buck, basket rack, too late to tell exactly how many points, possibly 4 or 6. Temp about 78 deg., wind from n-e at 10mph.
Did not take a shot.
Hunted yesterday from 4:00 until 7:00 wind was north east gusting to about 10mph

Moon same half and wasting
Temp about 70 Degrees
Deer nothing until I started home and then saw a buck couldnt count the rack but he was big.
Was also drizzeling rain
Hunted 3pm-7:30pm
Wind SSW 10mph
72 Degrees
Heard turkeys, saw no deer.
10-1-05 No deer sighted at all heard turkeys but that is normal they are roosting by my stand.

Wind was out of the South-west

Temp 70 Degrees

Time 4:00- 7:30
Hunted this morning.


Wind: 0
Temp 45F-60F
Saw no deer. Saw 6 turkeys.
Heading out now will post results when i return. Hopefully i will have a pic of a backstrap for you guys.
I to am headed out tommarrow, going hunt for three days. Will let you guys know how I do when I get back.

56 degrees

Wind NE @ 2mph

Moon PHASE: 58.7% OF FULL


Deer sighted a big fat Zero. Did see a Bobcat and a Barn owl landed 5 feet from me checking me out I was sticking my tounge in and out but then got scared he would take the bait and stopped. He spun his head around backwards and then flew away. Love to see big birds when I hunt.
half moon
S. wind at 5-7
got to see two does thats better that nothing the deer around ere are only coming out at night. i only got to see these because i went walking on there trails today and jumped them up
Got out Sat am.
Wind S.E. 10-15
65 degrees

Saw one real nice buck in real heavy cover at a little after 2pm, his head was above the thickets about 25yds. You can bet I was talkin to myself trying to will him out for a shot! Will try again Sat am, have a special 2 day black powder season, sure hope he shows.
I wish this thread was in the deer hunting section instead of bowhunting. i keep forgetting where it is!

Wind NNW 0-5mph
Temp 75F

Saw a 5 point, let him walk. Had a turkey roost right beside me.
Chuck what are the hunting hours for non-residents there, was thinking about venturing down that direction next year. Thanks Tim
hunted three days 10-11, 10-12, and 10-13

10-11 got there in the evening temp was around 60 degrees
half moon

SAw 1 doe

10-12 woke up to temps in early 40's temps rose to 75 degrees by, miday and then fell off quick at night down to early 30's.
wind was still in morning followed by a North/northwest breeze5-7mph in afternoon then still in evenign again.
>half moon and clear skies.

Saw 9 does 1 buck and 1 very upset bear.

10-13 woke up to temps in mid 30's to early 40's temps rose to late sixties by early afternoon
wind was still
>half moon and clear skies

Saw 5 does and 1 buck (spike)
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