Moon Phase & Catfish

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by dwreel, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. dwreel

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    I've heard some people swear by fishing on certain moon phases, but I would like to get the BOC members opinions. So, what say you ??
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    At one time we had a full year study on the BOC on just this, The staff is trying to find it and bring it on board here for you to look at it, If we find the thread we will post here and let you know where its at ??

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    I know guys that swear by the phases as well. The full moon has been the time that I hear is not that productive during the day time eventhough I have had good nights and bad nights on the full moon. They are supposively an active feeder during the night time on a full moon. Most of the time for the big ones it was a slow bite but one big one would at least strike during the night. I would like to see that study as well to see a pattern in this.
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    I really think there is something to the moon phase and fishing..I dont get a whole lot of time to fish, so I have to just go when I get a chance.
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    I'm compiling some interesting data provided by members, just bear with me.
  6. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    I believe the moon phase is very important along with other factors such as local weather conditions, water conditions and time of the year. Get these things all lined up correctly and you better call off work sick cause the big 'uns are bitin, lol. If you look at the solunar charts published in magazines, the full moon and the dark moon are always listed as the best times to fish each month.
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    good time to bring this up .. i've been posting in the virginia forum about patterning the bite on the james river

    now i fish only during the day during the winter and since its wintertime now i'm only evaluating my winter data

    from what i've been reading people swear by the moon and frankly my data shows holes .. one thing i've read is when the moon is at 90 degree angles to the earth, referred to as overhead and underfoot, fishing is the best .. i've also read that fishing is best around the new moon and worst around a full moon

    here's my moon data from december and january .. i have 7 days worth of data which isn't a whole lot as some statistics minded members have pointed out but a pattern has begun defining itself nonetheless

    good fishing days defined as catching 6 or more fish, most being 30 plus pounds
    decent fishing days defined as catching 2-5 fish, 2 or more 30 plus pounds
    poor fishing days defined as catching one fish of any size or a skunk

    2 good days
    moon rise at approximatly noon .. therefore the moon was neither directly overhead or underfoot during fishing .. COMPLETELY contradicting the theory
    on both days the moon was at approximatly quarter phase (28% and 32% visible)

    3 decent days
    2 days the moon rose at approx 11AM .. again neither had the moon directly overhead or underfoot
    1 day the moon was directly underfoot around noon .. all fish were caught several hours earlier, none during the supposed "good fishing time"
    one had the moon waning(shrinking) at 21% visible so very near quarter stage
    one had the moon waxing(growing) at 65% visible very near 3/4 stage
    one had a full moon .. again completely contradicting the theory

    2 poor days
    on both days the moon was directly overhead during fishing .. one day at noon and one day at 1pm .. for the record each day 1 fish was caught around 9am well before the supposed good time
    on both days the moon was waning(shrinking) at 1% and 6% visible, so darn near new moon phase when "good fishing" is the theory

    again 7 days of data isn't a whole lot .. i'd put more meat into the conditions of the day but the data dosen't lie and its strikingly AGAINST everything we've been taught
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    Moon phases are a just a pice of the puzzle.Lots of other factors need to be considered for a grerat day/night of fishing.
    Some other key examples would be


    Personally i am convinced the bite gets better during the new and full moons,if the pressure is dropping and the tide is falling and all these things are occuring i always have a great trip.If its just the moon phase or one of the others alone its good but not great.

    The best time to fish the moon phases would be;
    3 days prior
    3 days after
    and 3 days during

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    i agree with you guys. it only a piece of the puzzel. you can have a favorable moon phase and still get droping water and a cold front. most of our spots take some effort getting to so we try to hit it when she is on the rise or at least holding steady. so i guess the water level is my biggest indicator. the internet stream flows are a real time saver!

    the links didnt work for me, am i the only one?

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    i use to not fish on the full moon but last year the two best night fishing trips i made was on a full moon. the moon may have a part of this but there is other factors too all of this i think.
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    from what i've heard and from experience last year i always had my best luck on red full moon boy were the flathead active that night
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    3 days before and 3 days after, are the times I like.
    Mark your links did not work for me....
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    Mark - none of the links in your post worked on my computer either.