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    First of all....great site here and awesome advice....

    going to monty tomorrow....NEver had any real bigguns there..only been a few times though....I have anchored and drifted..any advice on where to start...I am thinking anchor in 40ft plus?? Also...has anyone had any luck here drifting with suspended baits (cutbait, bream, herring) 20 to 35 ft in 45 ft water....I have done ok with that at some other places,....even caught some at monty like that....I know Blues are pretty good predators...thanks again and I will see u guys on the water...
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    Welcome John. Some people I know say the only way to catch catfish at Monticello is to fish suspended but I've never put alot of time into it.Theres lots of different ways to fish it you just have to use what your more comfortable with.They are in the process of spawnin right now so the bigger fish are gone be a little tough to catch but the teenagers should be biteing alright.Anchoring is gone increase your chances of big fish right now.Think about like this if you've been fightin other fish off of your nest for a few weeks or days then the last thing you want to do is chase a bait down, I would much rather just pick a peice up layin motionless on the bottom myself.Theres hundreds of humps and points that have good ledges on em.One day they might be on humps that have vertical ledges and one day they might be on humps that have small not so sharp ledges.Just pick one and give each spot at least an hour and a half (this is just the rule of thumb I use on Monticello not all lakes).It might take 5 minutes or it might take 1 hour and 25 minutes or you might not get a good bite the whole time.The little fish will usually keep you busy in between big ones though.

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    I've caught them on bottom and suspended. Usually the suspended cats are blues and I use a 9 inche slip pole float. Like Chris said they move a lot.