Monticello shut down due to drowning

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    just got a call from sccatfishing and he said the ramps are closed down due to a drowning.they are not letting anyone on the lake.just a heads up for anyone heading down today.i would like to send out prayers to the family in this hard time.
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    Mark, I am sorry to hear about this. Please add my prayers for the family.

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    Was it someone fishn or trying to swim?? Do you know who it was ???
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    Well we had got up early today to fish monty. When we showed up at Monty t there was County coroner van, fire rescue... We stopped and talked with a few fella's with the FD. They told us that a fella had went swimming last night, fella never came back up.. The search team has been looking since 1am last night with no luck, winds was 15-20 with gust to 30mph.... The dive teams was running j16 that took them over an hour to make it to the first set of islands.... These was some of the highest waves I had seen on this lake.
    This is why people need to follow the laws on this lake, current is super strong when the power plant is drawing down water, I have seen the bouy's lay over on thier side it was so strong..

    Prayers sent to the fella's family
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    its pretty scary stuff. we had a shrimpboat run aground here thursday with noone on it. they are still tryin to dig it out today
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    My husband and I were on Monticello today. We had no clue as to what was going on. We kept seeing an airplane circle the dock at the ripraft, along with alot of divers. They were allowing entry to the lake on the 99 ramp because we were on the lake before 6:30 this morning. The guy that drowned was from Union. Sorry for the family and their loss. Our prayers go out to them.
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    The victim was 34 year-old Shane Bledsoe from Buffulo SC(Union County). He was supposed to have been fishing a tourney but sleep late and didn't fish it. He worked for a guy that puts on bass tournys at Monticello. His boss was on the upper end of the lake all day that day, fishing to start with then looking for Shane the rest of the evening.