monticello report ( a little late)

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    The family and I went to Monticello thursday evening. We finally caught decent numbers of fish. We wound up with 13 fish in the 2-3 pound range , had one to break the line , and probably 25 - 30 smaller ones. The kids had a ball !!!!( that made it even better)
    We were drifting in coves , anywhere from 8 to 40 foot of water. We used shrimp , shad(frozen) , stinkbait , and worms. The shrimp ,and worms did the best , shad was so-so , and stinkbait was no good at all. was very windy so we did not try the main lake areas. Hopefully we will try it again this Friday , weather permitting.
    I had asked for advice previously in another post and some nice people gaves us a lot of tips. Thank you guys for that. It opened up a new world from our typical , anchor up and get out the worms trips. Hopefully soon I can get my boys ,8 , and 10 on some good size fish.
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    Sounds like a fun day and glad ya got to share it with the kids. Reps to ya!