Monticello: 10/17/07

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    Pat Chaney
    Chef Jim & I stormed Monticello once again, but it wasn't much of a storm :sad2: Armed with brim & white perch, we marked fish all over, generally in 50' and deeper but we just couldn't find the biting ones, just the nibblers. Got only 2 fish in the boat: one 1-pounder and a threadfin shad that we found floating on the surface. Grabbed that, put in onna hook, and it got hit in about 2 minutes - a clean steal :crazy: Gonna go again next week & try to get some herring from one of the marinas down by Hartwell.
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    Welp, those trips happen that's for sure. Better luck next time.

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    sorry to hear about your lack of luck,Pat,i iknow your pain,dont give up though,i aint had no luck at monty with bream or perch either,i guess your last name has to start with Simpson to have luck with those,get you some herring or shad and drift the area in front of the earth dam then turn and go up the left side towards the islands,stay more towards the left center and not real close to the bank,dont get to close to the islands cause you will start getting into the timber about 150yards out,cut your drift off there or circle around and head back the same way,thats some good drifting area there,we always do pretty good thru there,even on the frozen stuff,you may not find moby down there but they will keep you busy,keep your eyes on the graph,going up the humps and the deep drop offs always seem to produce,the best:wink:,good luck next time out