Monster Rod Holders

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    What I love about monster rod holders is .

    This product was designed by fishermen for fishermen! It
    takes only seconds to bait up, cast, and put your pole in the fishing
    rod holder that won't let you down.

    No more messing with clamps or ropes or bungee cords!
    So relax, enjoy a favorite beverage, and fishing
    with the best fishing rod holder out there!

    No longer will you have to bungee cord your rod to the railings or
    use clamps that mark the boat and get in the way when you get a fish on!
    It is easy to grab your rod and set the hook! No fumble and mumble!

    Let your rods be attended to by the Monster rod holders until you're
    ready to reel it in!

    The Monster rod holder holds securely to its base. Even a monster fish will not rip The Monster rod holder Loose.

    The Monster Deluxe 360* rotating drifters base. Enables the angler to adjust in just seconds and will lock into twelve different positions in a 360 degree radius.Perfect for drift fishing .

    The Monster rod holders are proudly made in America
    and are GUARANTEED for life agaist breakage .

    To help prevent rust and corrosion on your rod holders , you can get the
    new weather guards.

    Monster rod holder are made of 1/2 in. steel covered with a
    thick plastic coating to protect your rods they also hold both spinning and casting rods.

    Overall everyone one my boat is happy with the Monster rod holders
    and give it two thumbs up .
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    i am also pround to be a member of this team to get to promote a product that comes from a grass roots company that understands how and what it is like to try to do the things you love to do . thanks steve monster rod holders will make a show at cableas in Alabama in oct.

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    Monster Rod Holders do look like the next great catfish rod holders, but Im curious what kind of holders were you using before that you had to bungee cord to the have never heard of such a thing.
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    Very well put Floyd. If any one still has doubts about the strength of these holders. Here is a a link to a video In another string. Even if your not in the market for rod holders this video is well worth a watch: