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    kings mtn
    people people people come on board these rodholders are # one on the market today they will handle any rod at any angle you want to fish they look good they work even better at a remarkable price i will personaly guarantee you want be disaponted i have used a lot of differnt brands these are the most versital ive seen so give steve a call give them a try the roundhill did an glad i did will be posting some hogs cought on them soon the roundhill
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    Hello Ron,

    Well, I am headed out tommrow for 5 days, so hopefully i will have a couple of pic's to share with you, and the new Monsters, in action, will be my first time out useing them, but I can already tell they are sweet,

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    ive been out twice with the new dual action monsters....and at first i was like ah i bet they will just look nice. and thought man these things are huge. i was actually leaning towards the driftmasters until actually talking to steve. and he was so sure of his product i had to get them. and they look great on the boat. but who cares about looks if they cant produce. well the last two nights i have been out. and i have caught a lot of fish. good sized fish at that. ive had fish tugging at the rods while they sat in the holders waiting their turn for me to get another fish in. they are so easy to get the rod out when u have a good fish tugging. steves design is amazing. i used to frown upon drift fishing and didnt like it and i realized after useing the monster at the 0 degree angle it was just the way my rods were positioned. i have caught more big fish in the last two nights than i possibly have in the last two years. and i really believe its due to the confidence of my trying new things because of these holders. thanks steve you have restored my confidence in being able to catch consistant big cats. i thought i had lost the turned out i just needed a boost. and the monsters did just that....or its just in my head. either way ill take it