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    :sweat: i fished santee over the wkend i got hooked up with a monster flathead but had not moved my net to the front of the pontoon so i put the rod back in the holder an went to the back of the boat when i got back i got a fish on a nother pole im stuck the big flat was being still when i brote the outher fish in it was a 20lb blue the flat went crazy trying to tear that rod holder off the boat i wound up with two fish in the same net then i had problem lifting them in the boat try as i did i could not do it so down went the net the flat came out i pulled the blue in then the flat tried to get away agin the rod holder held again i got him in this time he weigh in at 41lb i was so tired i turned both back in i absolutly know for sure that monster rod holder cought that fish when no outher whould hold it so if you want the best rod holder on the markit give steve a call he will fix you up the roundhill:wink::wink:
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    thanks for your support ron! i know your puttin them through the test!

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    Great post Ron. There is nothing like having confidence in your tools. toughest part of using and mounting Monster Rod Holders is drilling the 1st hole in a new boat. After that its a piece of cake.
    Thanks Monster Rod Holders.​
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    i think...i think those are...yeah they are. tears in my eyes. tears of joy. ive never heard such a happy ending. it makes me happier then when that little boy came running around the Suburban in the end of armagedon and ran to his daddy who he never knew til then. :embarassed: