monster dilemma! just to let you know!

Discussion in 'MONSTER ROD HOLDERS' started by Steve Douglas, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Steve Douglas

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    well guys I know ive told you for awhile now that the monster has come out with a new triple play rod holders, that is a fact!

    However i have had a small wrench thrown in the time line, as to when they will be available! And i thought this matter would be resolved before now, and thats why ive also tried to keep it on the down low so far, but this matter keeps dragging on and on, so im not going to try to keep it a secret any longer and let you guys in on whats happening with monster rod holders!

    As most of you know, i am very active in the catfishing community, and support the sport to my best ability. I sponsor many guys and events thoughout the year in hopes of helping the sport grow. Also moster rod holders is, as far as i know the only manufacture that offers bonus money to cabelas tournament anglers for using our products.

    But I think thats where my problem started!

    For the most part everyone is cool with what im doing for the sport, but a few others see what i do, and apparently think im gettin rich, which has caused all the dilemma im dealing with now!

    Any rumors you my have heard are fictional, spread by a few, that think they know whats going on!

    I dont know if its jealousy, envy, or what, or even why!

    But heres the real deal guys! i want you to hear it directly from me [steve douglas] so here it is, as its happened and were im at know!

    DRIFTMASTER ROD HOLDERS contacts by me phone, back in early october, and says one of his cabelas anglers had brought it to his attention, right after the cabelas classic, which was won by the way by a monster rod holder team.

    He then says that i am infringing on a portion of one of there patents on a particular rod holder!

    i disagreed with him and told him i had had this stuff checked before i even started making my products!

    He asked for my address and told me that i would receive a letter!

    I said cool, he conducted himself properly as did I.

    He seems like a good fella!

    I got the letter, and it pretty much just had some patent info in it and and stated some other legal wording, and gave me 20 days to respond!

    I immeditly contacted my attorney and got the process started the same day and there attorney had docs from my legal counsel in less than 10 days!

    I waited and waited and called my attorney and waited some more, after about a month they finally responded, saying the same thing again, nothing new. not even addressing the issues at hand that my counsel had provided them, as to why we are not infringing.

    So my dude contacts them again, in a letter asking them to pay attention and re address the issues that was presented to them as to why we are not infringing.

    After about two weeks i get a letter back from them, simply stating that they would reveiw again and respond.

    So here we are today, Jan.5th and I get a letter and what i think is going to be resolution.

    But again all the letter stated was, (pardon the delay, the holidays were hectic.) thats it,the end nothing else!

    They continue to drag there feet, in the mean time puttin an extra financial strain on me, as i can just maintain my products at this point and not grow!

    And that is why im draggin my feet on the triple plays.

    The tooling is expensive and i would really rather have this matter resolved before i launch our new product.

    OK, so far guys this has been over a 3 month strectch, and in the mean time, im hearing rumors that are being spread by a few that driftmaster is suing me!

    Hell, i was wanting this to be on the down low!

    But the fact of the matter is, at this point, driftmaster [[[ IS NOT SUING ME! ]]]

    One thing is for certain though, they don't seem to be in any hurry to get this resolved like i am.

    However i do think I have gottin there attention by all my promotions and involvement in the catfishing community, but they had the same opprotuniies that i had to be involved in this industry, but they chose not to play, and I chose to play!

    so thats the deal guys in a nutshell! they have stated there case, I have promply responded with my case and they drag there feet and continue to drag there feet over a 3 month period.

    And for that guys I do apoligize!

    So again guys driftmaster has not sued me and its business as usual except fot the triple plays!

    I would like to thank everyone for your support to me and my products .

    I will tell you, you realize who your friends are in the Catfishing world when the chips are down.

    Some hound you for $$, others come to aid!

    I hope this has cleared some things up, for everyone and again I do apologize for any inconvenience to anyone!

    One thing is for certain is that monster rod holders will be around for a long time! thats what i do and I am not going to let anyone mess with that.

    I would like to thank everyone that supports monster rod holders and myself, and I look forward to this new year!

    Things are sure perkin up in 2010!
  2. thecatman

    thecatman Well-Known Member

    Graham, Texas,
    sounds to me like they are trying to keep you from putting your latest product on the marketplace by causing the extra strain ect since they dont have a product as exceptional as monsters nor do they have a triple threat rod holder like the triple plays

  3. thunt713

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    winfield m
    Steve I guess this is Driftmaster nice way of saying there product isnnt selling like yours, plus I have never seen any bonous money put up front by them for using their product in a tournament. Catfishing is a moving foward sport and the way I see it, It is there fault for not being more active in the sport. Not trying to bash or bad mouth anybodys product in anyway. There are alot of people out there using monsters just like theres alot out there using driftmasters and that is there choice. THEIRS alot to say about a company that endores alot of tournaments or by giving away holders giving bonouses and supporting the sport we as sportmen all enjoy. Steve keep up the good work. Thats just my 02cents worth.
  4. cathog

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    Lone Oak Texas
    Steve, I hate that you have to get caught up in this mess. All I can tell you is that Driftmaster isn't anything but scared. I held off buying monsters, I have that competitor on my boat right now, but after receiving my new triple plays that I won I can tell you they are the strongest, most versatile, rod holder on the market. I showed them to a friend of mine that is the only full time catfish guide on Tawakoni and he is ready for them to be released also. He is going to replace all of his Driftmasters with them. Driftmaster had the oppurtunity to put something like this on the market but never did because of greed, now you have them running scared. Thanks for a wonderful product.
  5. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Sounds to me the delays is Driftmaster's tactic to put your business on hold as long as possible and keep you from expanding. I wouldnt sweat it none, good things come to those with good intentions and with your passion of the sport will take you far. Keep up the good work and thanks for your support.
  6. seth3221

    seth3221 New Member

    Keep up the good work. I'll be buying from you in the near future. I look forward to a great product and many more to come.
  7. biga

    biga Well-Known Member

    its a damn shame that people would stick a knife in a guys back like this but they know who they are and it will come back to them 10 fold in the end..... steve if there is anything i can do to help you know how to get ahold of me any time otherwise good luck buddy......
  8. bullcat

    bullcat New Member

    sounds like the first letter was to call your bluff, usually that's the first play to see if they get your attention ,then they drag it out for months to try an make you go broke! Hope you can survive the delays I was hoping to buy 10 monster holders this spring for myself .Good Luck ," Stick it to the MAN !"
  9. flo

    flo Member

    fay nc
    Well Steve
    I thinks drift master has seen its match and they know that this is the only way to slow you down. Like I always said when you are on top someone always wants to bring you down and just like you said they had the same opportunity to get more involved in the sport, but chose not to and is mad at you success and the support that you are getting. I have fowled your product from Akwa-lung (P.S. witch I own and use all the time and is the best system) to the birth of the monster rod holders. I will support you no matter what rammers are out there.
  10. Camo Fish

    Camo Fish New Member

    United States
    Like you said, "They know who they are". We're all rootin' for You and the Monster's will win in the end.
  11. Doctor

    Doctor Member

    Springfield, Ohio
    Stay cool Dude I know it is tough but you have the support of a bunch of Monster owners already and those of us that have our boats loaded with your products know just how good they really are, my Seminars work around your Monster rod holders and the products you have developed, it will all shake out in the end you already know who your real friends are................Doc
  12. catfishscotty

    catfishscotty Well-Known Member

    I suport your monster rod holders and will be ordering in the near future for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    plan on replacing all my driftmasters with monster rod holders !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    also will be putting the monster rod holder decals on my boat and truck !!!!!

    keep on going and growing brother ya got a hell of a great product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Jeremy Leach

    Jeremy Leach New Member

    Madison In
    Keep the head up high man!!!! This is just something that shows you how well you are doing and how well the Monsters are liked. Those people or person that tried to do this to you will pay in the end!!! You know if you need anything at all that I'm there no matter what it might be..
  14. catfishlarryiowa

    catfishlarryiowa New Member

    Sorry to hear what is happening I have drift- master on my boat now when i first got them they were great. but i like the triple play idea an will be putting them on my boat this year. Thanks for what you do for the catfish industry keep up the good work. Larry.
  15. brother hilljack

    brother hilljack New Member

    Shelbyville, TN
    You would think that a respectable business would respond through competition as apposed trival games. Monsters are here to stay on the "HillJack Cadilac" and there are plenty of other HillJack boats that are or will be outfitting soon.

    Keep their nose in the dirt brother. They will be forced to adapt or admit defeat!
  16. GrandpaGoneFishing

    GrandpaGoneFishing Well-Known Member

    Linn Valley, Ks
    Steve, these things happen in business when your competing with larger company's. They try and break the bank and kill the will. But were not going to let that happen. Monster rod holders are stronger and that can't be denied.
    Its kinda funny if you think about it. A large company being afraid of a little monster, Of course it is growing Fast and strong, not to mention it never backs down. hang in there and it will come to an end. ​
  17. Bill in SC

    Bill in SC New Member

    South Caro
    Real sorry to hear that Driftmaster is doing you like this. As you know I am currently using Driftmasters, (because I have them and they are paid for) but I know you have worked long and hard to be competitive in this growing market. I have nothing but respect for folks who work hard to get things done, such as yourself. I hope you get this dilemma resolved quickly, and that the new Triply Play is launched immediately forthwith.
    Bill in SC
  18. tbull

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    SW Ohio
    Wow thats the first I have heard of any of that stuff. Jealousy is a very dangerous state of mind, you see that alot in this world when the 'little Guys" try and get ahead. We're with ya Steve, I would be upset to if I had that much of an inferior product as well..Keep doing what your doing brother your doing a great job, and also doing wonders for the sport we all love so much!
  19. Tool958

    Tool958 New Member

    Thanks Steve for the heads up. I must say that I'm a little biased in that I don't think that there is a better rod holder on the market. I ended up ordering more after I bought the first 0/30's, along with the lt. duties for crappie fishing this spring. I haven't caught any monster cats yet, but I'm confident that they will handle anything I throw at them. Keep up the good work and hope you get everything resolved to get the triple plays on the market.
  20. SkipEye

    SkipEye Well-Known Member

    Winfield, MO
    Well, if in fact you are not infringing on any of driftmaster's patents you'll win in the end if you can survive. Legal issues sometimes take years to resolve. Stalling tactics and continuances are used all the time to DELAY! If driftmaster truly has no case they may merely use delay tactics to break you. If that is the case, sue for attorney fees and damages. You'll have to play hardball to get anywhere. The legal system is BRUTAL unless you have DEEP POCKETS!

    Of course if they can PROVE patent infringement it can get ugly for you also.

    Good Luck Steve!