Monroe Lake

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    Ok I am going to Monroe Lake during the 4th of July. I was wondering what kind of fish they have there and how clear or murcky the water is and what colors work best for what fish. Thank you for you time.
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    The 4th will be a zoo on Monroe. Put in at Cutright which is at the south end of the 446 causeway. That will put you in the no wake zone. There are good flatheads and channels along with stripers, carp, and panfish. There are some very nice crappie and of course bass. Good luck...W

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    Rising Sun, IN
    I agree with Winston. If you are camping, get a spot pretty soon as they will fill up fast (i recomend Paynetown) I would also recomend launching out of cutright. Fish that side of the causeway because it is no wake and there will be no skiers/pleasure boaters running around beating you to death. There are almost endless fishing opportunities on the lake. The whipers (monroe doesn't have true stripers) will be biting well, but u'll have to head towards the dam to get large numbers. The bite well on chicken livers and nightcrawlers as well as your standard striper baits. A very underutilized, therefore awesome, fish to catch at monroe is walleye. That late in the year this will have to be done at night and i suggest jigging around points or trolling crankbaits on the flats. The cats will be biting, but they bite best at night. If you catfish u will probably get a whiper or two and if u whiper fish u will probably get a catfish or two so that's always fun. The crappie are rediculous in numbers at monroe but size tends to run small (7-9 inchers are the norm) but they are a blast to catch. Monroe also has great largemouth fishing. And monroe is the best place i've ever fished for carp. We always use canned corn and do real well. Do u have a boat? If not there are several places to fish from bank for crappie/cats/carp. hope you have a great time, i always love being on the lake!

    P.S. The Indiana NAtional Gathering for the BOC is taking place on Monroe on May 18-20. Would be a great time to do some scouting of the lake, meet some great BOC members, and have a great time if you want to attend!!!