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Monongahela River in West Virgina

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Water temp is 80-82 degrees, Channel cats are being caught on nightcrawlers and chicken livers at the Morgantown tailwater. Warm water discharges at Rivesville and Morgantown power plants are attracting fish. A pier at the Morgantown plant makes fishing safe and convenient.
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Ooh, I love the tailrace at Cheat Lake. It's a great place, with a lighted pier for night fishing. I'll be heading there tonight!
When u say tailrace are u talking about the lower part of a dam or flow control station ?

Do u catch flatties in there >?
Yeah, you have to drive to PA, and park in PA, and the dam itself is actually in WV :rolleyes: There are channels, walleye and sauger, drum, and some panfish. I've also heard about carp there, but haven't caught or seen anyone catch any when I've been there.
ive fished the mon few times, but not enough to have a good success rate.
Mostly fished below the docks by waterfront jeep in morgantown.
my cousin has caught flats there but i haven't.
i fish above the mon. in the west fork. i plan on fishing the mon where the tygart and west fork meet this season. i let u know what happens !
Fishing the confluence should bring some big flats, fished it years ago. I do not know whether you can fish it from the bank,you may have to fish it from a boat
I Heard there was Gar in the Mon river is that true?
Yes there are Gar in the Mon. We see them in the Hilderbrand pool all the time.
Where abouts is Hilderbrand Pool and is the fishing bellow the waterfront jeep any good?
Water front Jeep in [email protected] the morgantown L&D? The next L&D upstream,south, is Hildibrand L&D the pool is above the L&D.
What do you mean L&D? The Lock/Dam thing sorry im just stupid LOL?
I was Right =D How do you get to the secound one I know where the first is. Got Directions?
Matt, congrats on your first post and welcome to the BOC. Its been quiet on the Mon lately, but I think there is a gathering in the making coming up in Elizabeth,Pa.
I fish if mainly around Fairmont, WV. New to flathead fishing. Was out 3 times late last year. Caught one 10#er. I do know someone who has caught a few around 50#s, but havn't spoke with him lately to see if he's been out this year. Just wondering, how long does it take, by boat, to get from Pricket's Fort to first set of Locks.
Matt going downstream,south, about 3 miles. This sight will help
Check the corp of engineers sight for times when there is someone to lock you through.
Matt; this is the thread that will tell you when you can lock through this summer.
look under allegheny and monongahela summer schedule
thanks a lot barry. Anyone know where to get a good deal on decent size gold fish near fairmont or morgantown. I'm talking 1 or 2 bucks a piece. If not I'll stick with my gills.
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