Monongahela River Flathead Tactics

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  1. Catfishn22

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    Hello neighbors! I fish the Monongahela River here in West Virginia for Flatheads and see theres a bunch of you fellers in Pennsylvania that target them too.

    I thought maybe we could share our tactics we use to target these big Flatheads and maybe pick up some ideas that will put us onto more and bigger Flatheads.

    I usually fish from a boat when I can. I look for logjams around tressles piers, old barge piers and tie offs and any kind of large submerged or partially submerged trees.
    We pull the most Flatheads from this type of covers.

    Sometimes we target deep holes but they haven't produced that well for us.
    But we have taken some Flatheads from deep holes just not big ones. I know of at least 5 holes in the Monongahela River over 40 in the WV sections From Fairmont WV to Point Marion Pa. Theres probably a couple more but I haven't had a chance to run the fish/depth finder over some to know for sure!

    We have tried the rocky areas too but that so far gets us 6-15lbers. is about all.

    The biggest ones 30+lbs. we catch all have came from submerged timber or logjams.

    Just wondering what kind of places you fellers target on the Monongahela River?
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    I fish locks and dams,around barges and mouths of creeks or any water discharge area these types of areas seem to produce better for me,I haven`t had much luck in the deeper holes either.