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    Walter Flack
    My first 2 questions is this: Is the pound rating on mono leader line the same rating on fishing line? Or is it stronger or weaker than fishing line?
    My next question is: Do you prefer a stronger,weaker or the same pound rating of your mono leader compared to the pound rating of your fishing line?


    1. 40 lb mono leader line tied to 30 lb fishing line.
    2. 20 lb mono leader line tied to 30 lb fishing line.
    3. 30 lb mono leader line tied to 30 lb fishing line.

    Im just wanting to see what is the most common and why, to improve my catfishing. I mostly target the flatheads.

    MUDHOLE KID New Member

    I know everyone is different wolfman,but I go with a 30lb ANDE line with a 30lb ANDE leader.I know folks that use 40lb line and 80lb leader,30lb line and a braided leader.3 ways with 3 different lb test.Lots of recipes out there. :D

  3. joesf

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    I use 60# Tufline with a 40# mono leader.
  4. TOPS

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    I have not given this a thought. I just make my leader from my main line.
  5. GaryF

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    I tried PowerPro for leaders, and I tried mono. Eventually I came to distrust both. The Powerpro would break too easy at times. The heavy mono (60lb) was tougher, but I kept having issues with my snelled knots staying tight. That could just be an operator issue, lol.

    I switched to using Fins Deep Drop 250lb for leader this year, and it's never failed me. The flip side of that, of course, is that if I snag up and break off, I loose everything, hook, sinker, and swivel. I switch to 20lb mono leaders for channel catting.
  6. BassMassey

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    i dont use braided line.......and this might be a dumb question......but why use say 90 lb braided with a 40 lb leader.......wouldnt that make ur whole rig just as strong as using 40 lb mono for your whole line??? doesnt a leader defeat the purpose of having extra strong braided line???
  7. GaryF

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    Different reasons...

    40lb mono is thicker than 100lb braid, and probably more abrasion resistant for the high wear area around the hook.
    Lighter weight mono might break in a snag, loosing the hook but saving the sinker and swivel
    Clear mono might be an advantage for line shy fish, while low stretch braid can be an advantage with hooksets, spool capacity, and castability.

    It was amazing to me how many times my 100lb braided main line would break before my 40 or 60lb mono leader.
  8. Crucial

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    Wolfman, there is no perfect answer to your two questions, because generally you adapt to your fishing environment.

    First I'll say I’m a die hard mono user, so my examples will be with mono line...
    When the fish are shy and finicky I'll go with a lighter leader material for a more natural presentation and less visibility. When I’m fishing around structure, I'll use the same diameter or even larger leader material to resist the structure.
    When I’m using my surf rod, I have to use an even larger leader material still to resist the shock of the cast.. but then I'll put my hook on a smaller secondary dropper(so I'll have 20lb main line, with aabout 20' of 50lb shock leader and a 10-20lb dropper with my hook off the shock leader).

    I would say for general day to day fishing, most people when using a Carolina rig will use a slightly smaller diameter or lower lb test leader material to the stronger main line. The reasoning being the presentation to the fish...any time you can minimize the "tackle effect" on your bait you'll increase your hook up ratio. Plus you want the stronger line attached to your sinker, so it wont snap off during the cast... which we've all done at one time or another :eek:
    Be flexible and change your rig to match your conditions. If I was using the lines in your example (20, 30, & 40lb test) I would use the 40 as my main line and then switch off between the 20&30lb as my leader material depending on the conditions.
  9. Gator

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    Wolfman I love my Sulfix leaders and I like to use a 30# leader with a 10# breakaway for the weight on a 30# main line. But hey that is just me and as ya’ll know I am a little different…..LOL
  10. ol' yeffay

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    wolfman, if i am fishing in an area which has alot of snags I run a double swivel with my weight side on 8-10# mono and hook side on 20# mono. If i am fishing an area with little to no snags I run carolina rigging with the lead right aroudn the same # test as my main line. I also carry 3-4 spools of line in all different tests so as I can adapt to where i am fishing.
  11. Mathersm

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    I use 30 lb steel leaders.
  12. Rainman4u2

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    I just started using leaders this year, and I'm using 30lb Trilene big game on 30 lb Power Pro main line. I tried using 50lb mono for the leader, but had the same problem as GaryF. I just couldn't get the knots to stay tight on the hooks.

  13. JAYNC

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    I used to use 3 way swivels with the main line at 30# and the sinker line at 10# and the leader 80# gorilla braid. I have switched to 30# mono as main line with a no roll sinker on the main line, a bead to a 2 way swivel. then I put a 15-18" piece of 80# gorilla braid. The reason I like this is because when a big picky fish picks up the bait and runns all he feels is the bait and not the whole rig with sinker and all. Since I have switched to this method my fishing has improved greatly.
  14. engine35

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    I use 30# Power pro for my main line and 25# Mason hard mono for my leader.
    If i get snagged, the leader will break or the hook will staighten out.
  15. derbycitycatman

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    On my bottom pole I use 65lb powerpro main line and 30 lb mono for the leader. This way if im snagged I can get my swivel and sinker back without cutting the expensive powerpro. I fish in alot of snags, lillypads, and whatever else.

    On my bobber pole I use 30lb mono trilene with 20lb leader. Same thing if im snagged hopefully the weaker leader will break and I can get my bobber back.

    If I was targetting flatheads I would prolly use heavier line and heavier leader.
    Say 100lb powerpro or more with 60-80lb mono leader.
  16. Longhorns

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    Thick line can be a bear to tie knots in. Get out your barrell crimps and crimper and make ahead of time.