Monday's Hunt

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by rednecksportsman511, Oct 18, 2006.

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    Well, bow season opened up here in alabama this past saturday, and monday and tuesday i had off from school. I was fortunate enough to go hunt monday with my buddy on his grandparent's land on top of pine mountain in springville. set up in a stand on a big pasture (not so great for bow season, but come rifle season should be real nice) and round about 7:30 heard one up behind me off to the right. it was rainy, very windy (on top of a mtn) and the wind couldnt make up its mind as to which way it wanted to blow. well this one behind me smelled me, snorted, and ran off. went up to another spot around 9:30, sat near a pond hopin to catch one gettin a drink. found nothing but another hunter. then we went to eat lunch and got back a lil after noon. we decided to try a last ditch effort and try to spook one up. we found where they had been bedding, but no deer. all in all, i was just glad to be out there. hope yall have a great season, i know i will!