Monday evening at Truman dam

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    I went down below Truman dam Monday afternoon, done a little crappie and white bass fishing, it was pretty slow, didn't seem to be anyone having much better luck than us, wind picked up and my deckboat is like a kite so we gave up on the crappie. Shad was pretty hard to come by, little ones only so with a few little shad and one perch I'd caught earlier we gave it a shot. Caught some at the bluff at the bend before the bridge, moved to just outside the entrance of Drake harbor just at the edge of the swift water. Caught several there between about 2 and 6 lbs. Threw out my one perch head and hung into a nice one, move him once and then he hit the swift water and that was that. We left about 10:30 had enough for a nice mess and the Mrs was pretty worn out and with about a 2 hr drive we decided to call it a night, they were still biting really good didn't have to wait over about 5 minutes between hits, kinda hard to interest a big one in a 2" shad so that was one of the reason we gave up. Hope this helps some one catch a few even 4 to 6 lbers puts up a nice fight in swift water.
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    Sounds like some good fishing. Thanks for the info

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    sounds like a great day on the water