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mon river

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i fish this river just about every day for cats, dose anyone else fish this river and what do u think the best bait is for flats here? :confused:
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ive been using crek chubs but so far the biggest thing ive got on them is a 5 lb snappping turtle, and a few big channels, havent had much luck on gills, but i need to try them again
ya im fishing by land, that sounds like a good idea, i think ill start trying it
im going out to try this weekend ill let everyone know how i do, well that is if the river isnt to high and my fishing spot isnt under water
i went fishing last night and didnt catch a thing, i had a few hits on liver and one on bacon but didnt hook anything, anyone else been fishing lately?
i live in a town called webster not to far from elizabeth head theres some really good fishing down there by the locks, and that ariel pic looks familare but i never fished there
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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