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mon river

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i fish this river just about every day for cats, dose anyone else fish this river and what do u think the best bait is for flats here? :confused:
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I have been fishing the Mon all my life and have been fishing for flats for 3 years, if you want to catch alot of small flatheads I would say creek chubs and small suckers but if you want to get the big boys you need big bait, you will not catch as many but when you do it will be big. For the big ones I wouls say gills first (6"to 10") than big suckers as big as you can get them, also rock bass, drum, and trout. I got one last Friday on a 14" sucker, the fish did not play with it just grabed it and a slow steady pull with the clicker on, I let him run for about 15 sec than turned off the clicker and let the circle hook do the rest
Are you fishing from land or by sea, If by land try moving around some and find them, I have said this before flathead fishing is like hunting if you dont see anything what do you do, You move. If by sea look for quick changes in bottom structure, outside bend in the river and anything that thay can set behind. With the hot temps this summer and the water being so warm (84 deg) look for areas that are in the shade most of the day and anything that is puting O2 into the water
Fished the Mon sat night and got 2 Flats and 6 Chanels, still slow but with this week rain the river should be on this weekend
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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