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Mon night relaxen fishen with the wife

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Went out for 3 hrs 6 to 9 and fished a lil spot on the Mo where a creek runns in targeting flatheads. Bites where soft at first, a few crushed gills. About 1 hr before dark the bite got a lil better. I got a 8 lb flat and missed a good pole bender. Meanwhile my wife on a whim tossed a big gill up into the creek openen up stream a bit on a slip bobber rig in 4 ft of water and be darned if she didnet hook somthen massive on that big live gill. She got it to under the boat and the hook popped out. She suprised me. She gets poed most the time losen a big flatt or Blue . This time she just shrugged. I am worried guys mabe my red head is losen some fire lol.
River contitions where a lil rough in my area its on the rise again goen from 18 back to 22 to 24 ft here. Lota timber on the river due to the aspahlt barge runnen down river today knocked alot of timber loose in the Gasconade area. Reason we headed [email protected] almost dark to many logs on the river to navigate safe in the dark.
Mullberry bite will be done next week but this high water will still make creek mouths prime targets for flats and blues. Be safe out on the Mo guys tight lines and may ya hook a monster.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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