Mom's update and thanks SCcatfishing!

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    David, thanks for the prayer request!

    Had to take mom to the hospital Wed. Day before thanksgiving. She couldn't hardly breathe. We were very worried that her cancer had spread to her left lung and was taking over. after several days of testing and ct scans, they found a mass in her left lung and determined it was pneumonia. They have her on high powered antibiotics now. She is expected to be in the hospital for a few more days to make sure it is completely cleared up before they let her go home. The good news is that thanks to the power of prayer and a wonderfull doctor mom's cancer has not increased in size since March of this year!!

    So a BIG THANKS to all of you and please keep the prayers going! Prayer does work, and over the past year all of your prayers have really helped keep me and my family going!!

    Thanks to all!!
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    I keep up the prayers ; ) Thanks for the update.


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    Pat Chaney
    That's great news, Steve - thanks for sharing with us!