Mom's Day Catfish (no pics)

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    West Virginia
    Sorry, forgot the camera.
    Braved the severe storm warnings(got wet but not too bad) and hit the Guyandotte River bout 4:30pm to chase some Saugeye of which only a small one cooperated But.....unexpectedly, a 1lb Flattie , 3.5 and a 4lb Channel did take the Live creek minnows.(chubs)

    The 3.5 had a wild (healed) injury, looked as if it had pulled a stringer though it's lower jaw. plumb in two and missing to halfway back of his head. still had an old line(mono) in it's mouth. (that's when I noticed I had forgotten the camera)

    Seemed a bit small to be pulling off a stringer, figure maybe a limb or trot line cut through the jaw before he made his escape?

    Anywho, felt sorry for him, cut back the old line and CPRed, any fish that tough deserved a 3rd chance! LOL!!

    First decent Cats of the spring!
    WV folks, it's time to play!!
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    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.