Modifications to Drifter's PVC Rod Holders

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    I liked the idea of the inexpensive PVC Holders that were posted in the Library. Taking this idea, I wanted to be able to move them out of the way, depending on conditions. My boat has nice flat areas on the inside so I took 1" square tubing about 6" long. I welded two pieces of flat steel to the back with holes drilled for screws. Then took a piece of 3/4" square tubing,a 6" long, 3/8" bolt inside with a nut run down so about 1" of threads are exposed. The head of the bolt is welded to the 3/4" tubing so it's flush at the bottom. A flat washer on each side of the PVC then another nut to hold it in place. This drops down in the 1" tubing that is mounted to the side of the boat. If I don't need them they can be taken out and stored.

    On the second set I took a rail clamps I found at Cabela's, using a 3/8" bolt and two nuts I put the bolt thru the PVC, put a nut on it, then the second nut and threaded it into the rail clamp. When it's down snug, run the 2nd nut down to hold it in place.

    Each of these can be adjusted by turning the PVC to the desired angle.

    The photos will probably explain better than I can describing it.

    Here's the original link to the PVC Holders

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    Now that is pretty doggone neat.:wink:

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    That is a very good improvement, thanks for sharing with the brothers and sisters.