MO Fishing Regs for a Catfisherman By Marty Tippin

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    It seems there's a never-ending slew of questions regarding what's legal and what isn't when chasing catfish in Missouri. And most of you know I've spent a lot of time (too much time, according to some of you) researching and trying to digest the somewhat complicated regulations that govern our sport, answering the same questions repeatedly here on the BOC.

    In an attempt to provide a central reference point for current and future questions (and so I don't have to keep repeating the answers), I've developed a PDF document which summarizes many of the most-often asked about and/or misunderstood regulations, especially as they relate to all use catfishermen (and keyboard catfishermen). The answers are in the most "plain English" I could muster and hopefully they're clear and easy to understand.

    So here it is; feel free to read, use and possibly benefit from it if you'd like, or ignore it completely if you'd like.

    A Brief Summary of Missouri Fishing Laws Potentially Useful to a Catfisherman

    Note that this document hasn't been sanctioned or reviewed by the State of Missouri, so it's not a "legal" document (i.e., don't print a copy and try use it as a defense when an MDC agent wants to write a ticket). But for every issue summarized in the document, there are references to the exact section(s) of the Wildlife Code that *can* be used as a legal defense should the need arise (and of course provided that your interpretation of the Code is correct).

    Also note that the PDF file isn't hosted on the BOC servers but on my own web site - as changes or additions are made, the PDF will be updated on my web site, but you can always find the current version by clicking on the link above.

    Also Note: Copyright © 2007 Marty Tippin. This document may not be published, reproduced or transmitted without the express written consent of the author.
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    Great Stuff Marty. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. We have needed this for a long time. Thank again for your dedication.