MN loses one of it's beloved heros

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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Just wanted to hear what other people thoughts are on the sudden loss of former Minnesota Twins star Kirby Puckett. To me it was quite a shock to see someone like him pass away at an early age.
    To me, he was an icon, and to MLB and the state of MN, he was everything. It's amazing to me to think back of when I was a kid playing baseball in the backyard, and dreaming of being Kirby Puckett. If it werent for Kirby, I may have not been a big Twins fan, If it werent for Kirby, I may have never have went to see a Twins game.
    Kirby brought such joy and enthusiasm to the game. Very rarely did you not see a smile on his face. He lived for and loved the game. Seeing him forced into retirement because of glaucoma, was a trajedy, but losing him this way was even worse. He brought so much to the game, and is something that MANY players nowadays lack.
    There weren't many people like Kirby, especially in the game of baseball, and the fans, especially us here in MN were Blessed to be able to get to watch Kirby play. My heart goes out to the family of Kirby, and may he be in a much better place.Thanks for all the Memories #34...KIRRRBBBBBBYYYY PUCKETTTTTT!!!!

    Anyone have any memories of the late, great, #34?
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    Kirby was the ultimate professional athelete. He was the ambassador to baseball. If all the other players could learn to be and act like he did the sport of baseball would be alot better off. The fans around the leagues will surely miss his everlasting smile.