Mitchell Baitcaster?

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    I can't remember the exact model, but I know that it's several years old. It looks very similar to an Abu 6000 only it has a slightly larger line capacity, it's black with a clicker, ect. I've found two of them at a local gas station/tackle shop and I think I can get them for around 30 bucks a piece. Just wondering if any of you guys have used them and whether they are crap or not.
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    I haven't used them, but I know what reels you are talking about. I handled a few of them when they were first on the market and I wasn't impressed, really, comparing them to my old 6500's. Of ourse, when they were first on the market, they cost almost as much as an ABU. I think that they were just a cheaper version of the ABU. I can't remember if Pure Fishing owned both companies at that time or not. They didn't last long in production, just a year or two. If you can get them cheap enough, they may be worth trying out. I'd imagine that they would work for most average fish, and the bigger ones up in the 30lb range, maybe more. I wouldn't load them with 80lb braid and put them up against a hard running 75lb blue or a 50lb flathead in the timber though.