Mistakes,Opps,and other misfortunes!

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    Hello all,just thought I would share some of my more memorable "Ah Crap" moments,we all have them,and hopefully I can help some of you avoid making some of the same mistakes I've made. I'm talking about those moments in fishing where when it's over you just kinda stand there with a look of shock and self loathing on you face. So I'll jump right in and tell you about some of the boneheaded things I've done out on the water.
    I guess I'll start out with the most recent moment that happened just last week. By the way did I mention I still screw up alot? I was fishing a fast moving current right below a spillway for flatheads,I had a bluegills on for baits and it had been a slow night,I'd had one hook-up with something big that I never even saw,then the other guy that were fishing went to their campers and called it quits,so I had the whole place to myself. About 12:30 am my one rod bends about a foot and just sits there,bent,not moving. After about 15 minutes I decide to reel in to see whats going on and clear trash off my line(what I thought was making my pole bend). I pick up the rod out of the holder and give it a yank,no give,so I thought snag(there's lots of snags there) and being impatient I took a couple wraps of line around my hand and started walking backwards,at just the breaking point of my 50 lb test line something gives and starts coming in. Just dragging in,I honestly thought I'd snagged and broke free a log,so anyway I'm pumping and reeling down with my peen reel and I aim it towards a spot in the bank where I think I can grab a log and pull it upp and in to save the terminal rig. Left the big net up the bank by the van,who needs a big net for a log? As the "log" broke the surface,imagine my surprize to be looking at a monster flathead. Now I've caught some big fish,and been involed in landing some flats up to 80 lbs before. This creature put them all to shame by at least a foot and a half in length,to be honest it startled the bejesus out of me. I won't even guess on weight,this was bigger than any I'd ever seen before. It was also uglier than anything I had previously caught,it was covered with scars,and moss grew from its various fins and face,sort of like a old snapping turtle has thats been sitting around on the bottom. I also saw that my hook was right in it's upper jaw in the middle and the hook was only sunk partway into its toothpad,probably to the jawbone but not a good place by my standards. As the fish ,which up til now hadn't really moved to much,touched the rocks,it went balistic,can alive like someone had dropped a stick of dynamite in the water in front of me,it went into a roll and twisted over several times when suddenly the line went slack,as he twisted upside down I had pulled the hook right out of him by keeping pressure on my line. By the time anything could be dome the fish was gone. Discouraged at my lack of foresight to let off the pressure a little, I packed up and went home,of course I called myself a few choice words. So next time you think that you snagged a big ole log and are dragging it in,keep the net handy,cause you just never know.

    Another time I was fishing a spillway and couldn't keep the buffalo carp off my line,one after another I had dragged in big carp and was about to pack up and move totally digusted with the action there when another fish hit,and got hooked,automatically assuming I had another big carp and not wanting to waste precious fshing time easing it in, I cranked down on the drag and started horsing the fish hard,when it surfaced a few feet in front of me it wasn't a carp but about a 40 lb flathead,when he saw me he took off and before I could back off the drag,SNAP, broke the line off. My hard earned lesson here was to find out whats on the end of the line before messing around and to have a little patience.

    Providing entertainment for other fishermen has also been my embarasment a few times. I like chasing the big cats,and as we all know if your gonna go after big cats,with big bait you need some serious gear.
    I had a idea that the flatheads would be up in the rocks on the face of the dam at a lake I often fish. So I headed that way with a bucketfull of bullheads and my two heaviest rod and reels. I arrived and there were a couple oldtimers fishing there too. I talked awhile then went a respectable distance futher down the shore. Baited up one rod on the bottom and one on a sliding float. About a hour laer the old guys werepacking it up and walked down to say good luck and ask me about my gear,and the need for it's size,or as they called them tow truck booms. While we are talking the big slip bobber rig with a 8 inch long bullhead dives down and runs hard,clicker is humming,I point the rod up engage the reel follow the fish with the rod till it's almost tight and rear back in a huge hook set, As I look up to see my bobber,line,sinker,and hook complete with a little 1 1/2 lb flathead on it sail right over my head and land in the rocks behind us. You may be able to imagine my embarrasment,the two old timers were laughing their butts off and I fell on mine losing my footing in the rocks,and unbalanced because of the hookset without heavy contact. Oh the shame of retreiving that fish and letting it go in front of them guys,with them giggling like schoolgirls. A couple hours later I packed up to head home and decided to stop at the local tackle shop for a drink and to see if anyone else had better luck,as I walk in the door there those two old guys reenacting the whole sordid affair for the benefit of about a dozen other old gezzers,I bought my soda and head hanging low and quiet I left quickly,avoided fishing there for a while too. If I hadn't been trying so hard it wouldn't have been a big deal,and next time no more bassmasters style hooksets.

    Another quick one. this one involes letting a guy that was fishing where I was run the landing net. I had,had a big cat on for a few minutes and this guy came running over to help.(he was trying to help) and grabbed up my landing net where I had layed it next to me. I should have known better when he started getting way to excited upon seeing the fish,I told him to hold the net in the water and I would bring the fish into it,he didn't hear me I guess because he started stabbing at the fishes head with the net,somehow tangling the weight around the netting and then breaking the line by jerking the net back to take another swing. I always run the net myself now,unless with a experienced person who can stay calm when a big fish gets close.

    Well gents and gals I could go on and on with all the dumb stupid things I've done over the years,so I'll stop here for now!:big_smile:
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    Well.....This ain't no "fish" story, but rated by me personaly as the dumbest thing I EVER did.

    Back in the late 70's I decided to move from East, Central Ohio to Southwestern Arizona. Most astoundingly beautiful and interesting place a person could want to go.
    Bought a nice little house at a place called Parker, just a little bit south of Lake Havasu. Had automatic water sprinklers for the yard and a nice concrete driveway and a great A/C system. Locally known as "Beanpot Hill"
    Now back in Ohio, I was acustomed to running around barefoot and next to naked outdoors all my life. Never gave much thought to the weather unless it was freezin'. Now let me tell ya that's a FAR CRY from what can happen in the desert heat of Arizona. Let me give ya just a small lesson in Arizona heat........
    In the morning, I had washed the car....and like back in Ohio, I just left the hose turned on.
    Well...along about 2:30pm I decided I needed my keys for some trivial thing and realized I had left them in the car. No big deal.
    In the house, I had the A/C cranked down to about 70 degrees with no incling about the 115 degree heat outside and true to my usual nature was running around barefoot and just cut-off jeans.
    So out I go to get the keys......step off the porch and hit the driveway. That concrete musta been 600 degrees!!! My tail went straight up in the air. Higher than any high jump I had ever made in my LIFE ! While I'm up there so high, I got a second or two to figure out just what the heck I'm gonna DO before my poor feet hit that concrete AGAIN. Oh SWEET ! I see the garden hose ! As I come down, I snatch that sucker up and start sprayin' my poor feet.
    CRAP !!! That water was hotter than the dang driveway !! I got back in the house SOMEHOW. I still don't remember ever touchin that driveway the second time. I think THAT was the day I learned how to LEVITATE !! :eek:oooh: :big_smile: