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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by TeamCatHazzard, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Just curious to see if anyone on here hunts in Missouri and will be attending any of the Duck Zoning Workshops next month (March) in Missouri. This year is Missouri's time to reexamine duck zone boundaries for the 2006-2010 duck hunting seasons and MDC is putting on these workshops to see what us hunters think. If you have an opinion then you should attend. I have a few topics to think about my main idea I think is that I-70 should be the line for the north and central zones in Missouri, but was curious to see what others thought. If you are interested look under the hunting part of MDC's website for the dates of the meetings closest to you
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    i might actually go. i was thinking of getting my nossouri license next year. i hear that the duck hunting is about 5 times better there than in kanas. i guess y'all are more in the central fly way. how many ducks did you get this year? i got 57. most of them were early season. i can never get a hold of birds in late season. lake perry (kyle marsh) is great for about the first 4 weeks. then its crap, but it's hot and heavy for those first four weeks. i couldnt go without limiting out. good times, good times. u ever think about going hunting in kanasas??