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Missouri Rollcall

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Let's find out who made it over here.
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Hey Kutter ;
You know us Missouri boy's you gotta show us! :)
I'm a bit lost, but I think I'm here..
Just checking in! Tis a bit different. Resist change! :p I like the new site format, but I'm gonna miss the old one. It's a shame they couldn't transfer all our credincials.....
Nice site, just takes a little getting used to.
I made it. Its really diff. and going to take some getting used to.
Made the change..this is going to take a while to get use too!
Does anyone know if we need to submit new photos or is someone going to transfer the old ones?
I am here, but I don't know how. I wish I would have dropped some crackers along the way in case I get lost.
Hay gotta show us guys from that because we get lost really easy?? :D
I'm here Kutter. Being from Missouri, I had to get a moderator to SHOW ME. haa. :confused:
Dave53 said:
Does anyone know if we need to submit new photos or is someone going to transfer the old ones?
You have to do it yourself. Easiest way I found was to stick with your photo from the old board. Go on the old board, find your profile. Right click on the Pic. Choose "Save Image" and save it in your My Documents. Then open your "User CP" here, and find where to change your profile Avitar,(which is not allowed here, but thats another story). Click "browse" and choose the Pic you put in My Documents. Be sure to not forget to click "Save Settings" or whatever they call it, at the bottom of the page.
Hope this helps. By going through it by way of above, you don't have to worry about resizing and such.
Dang thats a great looking fish you got there in your profile pic, Jetdriver. What I want to see, is what reel you use. Look at the line he caught it with folks. Looks as big a round as my finger. :grin-big:
We Missouri ******** call that a stringer Kutter. :D I had to tie him up until my wife got to the ramp with the camera since I forgot to bring it. I used a Penn 310 level wind reel. Its got a superior star drag with very smooth action. It allows me to quickly adust the drag setting based on the phase of the fight I am in. At the boat, I always back the drag setting way off so that as the fish makes those last violent boatside runs he has no friction in which to break me off. As well, the reel has superior torque for winching them off the bottom and gaining line when I need too. Its nice having the level wind also so I dont have to guide the line on the reel as I'm fighting the fish. They are a little pricey retailing for around 100 bucks new, but I think you can find good deals on them via the net. I got mine at Dunns. The reel and my 7 1/2 ugly stick runs me 130 bucks or so. I havnt been able to find anything else that matches that combination. The Ugly Sticks are awesome having a stiff butt section, and light tip so even the "Little Fish" provide plenty of entertainment. You'll get to see my rigs when we go fishing soon. hint hint :)
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Hey Dave , maybe we can add a gps to these computers some how LOL
Maybe but I still cant find fish with mine! Ever since that damn flying carp knocked it over I dont even see the little fishes swim across the screen anymore... :sad:
Kutter..thanks for you help..I really was not sure it would work but as you see it did..thanks again..I get so lost I have turned this silly thing off just to start over! thanks again.
Well this new site is certainly different, guess sumthin i gotta get used too.
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