Missouri Roll Call - Part II

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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    If you are a Missourian, your name belongs on here. Please sign in, thanks!:wink:

    This Roll Call was updated 1 October 2007. It will continue to be updated as members answer the call in honor of the man who started it, "Eggman", Doug Eggleston. R.I.P Brother.

    1. Doug Eggleston, Eggman, Jefferson City, Binder Lake, area rivers


    ************************************************** *****
    213. Russell, Zalmaflash, I just retired, live in Maryland Hgts Mo, and have a farm on the banks of the Caster river in Bollinger county. Either fishing there or at Bull Shoals.
    212. Earl Knapp, Catfish Earl, Humansville Mo., I fish mostly the osage and truman lake from Taberville to Horseshoe Bend and also Pomme , Stockton lakes & Sac & Grand rivers , Montrose Lake , Also , Truman around the Fairfield & Avery bottoms & below
    Truman Dam .
    211. Larry Welker, Welkmeister, Perryville MO - mainly have fished local ponds, Perry County Lake, Wappapello, Lake Girardeau. I want chase the biguns' in the Mississippi around Chester or Apple Creek area but need someone to show me the ropes on river safety and finding the "honey holes."
    210. Josh Maurath, Cat-Slayer, South St. Louis County, and I catfish up and down the Mississippi, different spots on the Meramec, and sometimes the Missouri. If I can find a good lake, I'm on that too.
    209. Ralph Pittman, slowbend, DeSoto, Mo., I mainly fish the Mississippi River, Missouri River, Carlyle Lake, Baldwin Lake, Ill.
    208. Jon Marolf, Spills, St. Louis local lakes and soon the big rivers...miss, and missouri, new to the BOC.
    207. Carl Willingham, Propshredder, Columbia Missouri, fish mostly the Osage River around Wardsville and the Missouri over the years as well.
    206. Jessie Rodenberg, rodenberg, I fish grand river, missouri river, L.O.Z.,
    I mostly fish the grand near sumner, mo and the missorui near waverly
    205. John Fisher, CountryHart, Pineville Mo.. Usually catfish in Grand lake of the Cherrokees, Tablerock or Beaver lakes. Was raised on the lower end of white river on wattensaw bayou. I enjoy drifting, juggin an setting lines.
    204. Richard Tompkins, flipper, I fish the Missouri river around the Lexington area.
    203. Jeff Beardshear, jeffjbeard, Warsaw MO., LOZ and Truman
    202. Phil Jones, Philiagorillia, Imperial MO., Currently been fishing August Busch Memorial lakes pretty heavily in the last month and a few private farm ponds.
    201. Don Blair, holeinthewall, Armstrong MO.
    200. Russ Devore, russ, on the hunt for the big cats in the mississippi river in southeast mo.
    199. Ryan, stlcatman, Imperial MO., fish the Meremac and Mississippi around here
    198. John, grinnel, I mostly fish the Mississippi, Cuivre, and Mark Twain. Live near Troy, MO.
    197. Jeff Ortega, j.smfp, I fish MO River and Table Rock, and LAke of Ozark
    196. Donnie, Wolvrine, St. Joseph, MO., Missouri River (Mostly) other area rivers and lakes in the area
    195. Joe, mriradik,, mo river,glasgow and dalton area
    194. Scotty Bowes, sbowes77, mo and grand rivers
    193. Scott, skinner, MIssouri and Mississippi rivers untill i get my boat then every where my boat will take me
    192. Steve Adams, headbanginhillbilly, Holden,MO. I fish truman lake and Montrose lake mostly.
    191. John Franklin, MoCatfisher, Claycomo, MO- mostly small lakes that can be fished from the bank
    190. Ryan, cat stalker, I fish mostly the Missouri above St. Joe and Mozingo in maryville.
    189. Deanna, deanna1, Winfield MO., Below Mel Price Dam in Alton, IL.
    188. Monty Smith, Missouribreaks, marktwain lake area, smaller rivers. Still waiting to get my river rig.
    187. Wade Frerichs, mapper, Kansas City MO. (1 mile west of the stateline in ks) - missouri river, kaw river
    186. Lucus Hartman, cathunter26, Columbia MO., i fish the mighty mo in the columbia and jefferson city area
    185. Jeff Thompson, catfish77, St. Charles MO., fish mo river from the bank. Sometimes Mark twain lake.
    184. Jess Miller, Mi11er, I fish the Missouri river mostly and sometimes smithville
    183. Jed Shields, jedamy, Glasgow MO., Mo River
    182. Rich,nwbearcat50, Maryville MO., I'm a new guy. Glad to be a part of the BOC.
    181. Brian Wielms,wielms6, Warrenton Missouri, fish missouri fron hermen to the confluence mississippi from winfield to south of st louis
    180. Don Hastings,Bootheel Waterdog, Matthews, MO., Mississippi River, Wappappello and Clear Water Lakes
    179. Todd Strong,hunter, Saint Joseph MO., missouri river and smithville lake.
    178. Jeff, mcbluegill, Monroe City. I fish MTL & Mississippi.
    177. Jason New, Osage, Grain Valley Mo. Fish the Osage around Osceola and below Truman, Sac river in the fall for whites and hybrids.
    176. Johnny, bodi, still fshin clearwater missouri
    175. Josh Thompson,bodie, Brookfield, Missouri River Miami to Dalton and LOZ MM 60 in the spring
    174. Chris B.,yogib, Mississippi/Ohio River, Blue Cats/White Bass
    173. Mike Brower, Roscoe Dog, Maryland Heights, Mo. Ive been out on the Mississippi a couple of times and mostly pond fish but that will change once my boat is done.
    172. Greg Sweeney, Fishy G, Raytown MO here. I fish Jacomo, ponds, rivers. If there's water i'll drop a line in.
    171. Joe Forsee, catfishjo, Sedalia Mo, I fish Truman Dam and the Osage and Missouri River.
    169. Steve Forsee, steve forsee, Sedalia Mo., I fish at warsaw,mo alot!!!
    hope to meet some of of you guy,talk fishing
    168. Jason Mayes, crashawk, Grain Valley MO. I fish truman lake a lot (my parents have a place down there) mostly the pomdeterre arm and under the dam. also fish lone jack lake, jacomo, blue springs lake. the mo river, the little blue, sni bar creek, any where I can wet a line.
    167. Alex Cadieux, ston3wa11, 18, Arnold mo. Most of the time I fish in parks(Suson, Bee Tree), but sometimes we(me, mom, dad, and sister) go on weekend trips to lakes. I'm looking for more places that are pretty close.
    166. Jason Batts, swamperjmb, Belton, MO. I fish any where I can mostly unmolested Rivers in the far off bush where not many people have fished the waters to death. I grew up one block from the little blue river so thats where I have fished for most of my life. Now I'm off to bigger rivers such as the Kaw and MO rivers.
    165. Randy Mallett, MOblues, Malden, MO., Fish the River around New Madrid for the most part.
    164. Darryl, darryl1, Winfield, MO., Bank fishing before now, new boat this week, will be fishing Mississippi River mostly up and downstream from Lock and Dam 25
    163. Aaron, hoss cat, Troy MO., I fish mostly the mississippi river, missouri river, and mark twain lake
    162. Dustin Wienke, dust_stl, Overland Mo, I fish Big River most of the time
    161. Craig, roughneckcatman, St.Joseph Mo. just north of Kansas City. I fish Missouri River, Smithville Lake, and Pony Express Lake.
    160. Troy Cox, armyranger101st, truman lake, missouri river, jacomo, smithville and wherever there is water nearby.
    159. Brandon, HuckSawyer, white river is the surrounding waters...call it what you want..beaver table rock taneycomo bull shoals
    158. Ron Hayes, ron h, st peters mo, mostly fish bush wildlife in st charles mo
    157. Daytona Brown, Localhero813, fredericktown ,missouri -i mostly fish for catfish and bass but occasionaly i catch a bluegill or carp.
    156. John S., UncleDave, Jefferson City- Binder Lake, JC Lake, MO River, Moreau River, Osage River, Cedar Creek, Bagnell Dam and any other puddle or wash I can get to.
    155. Burr Edde, backedde, malta bend and waverly area fishing the big mo still looking for them big blues and flatys
    154. Bill, bpalmer1951, Smithville Mo., I fish Smithville Lake, Grand Lake of the Cherokees, and Pomme De Terre ocassionally
    153. Sarah Spiers, cat queen mo, Maysville MO (near St. Joe)
    I fish Pony Express, Buffalo Bill and King Lakes, Maysville, Grindstone and Cameron Reservoirs, and my favorite spot is Lake Viking. I'm thinking about learning to river fish the Grand near Pattonsburg and Gallatin, but it still spooks me a lot.
    152. Jim Wetrich, Fishin' Fool, Moberly MO., Mainly fish small local lake (Rothwell) and occasionally Thomas Hill Reservoir from the banks due to absence of a boat to fish out of!
    151. Argel Merideth, argel41, I live at Smithville Mo. and fish Smithville Lake and Missouri River. Kinda new on the river, but learning and hopeing to catch one of those "Biggins"
    150. Trent Vallandingham, Trent V, I moved to St. Louis about a year ago but fished in the Mid-Mo area before that.
    149. Blake Waterworth, whiskers9512, Odessa Mo., I fish the missouri river around the lexington, Napoleon, Sibly area.
    148. Dick Branson, powercat, I fish LOZ at Gravois Mo. I have been fishing my entire life but found drift fishing for blue cats about a year ago.
    147. Jason Aycock, eagle22, East Prairie MO. I fish Kentucky Lake and the Mississippi River. I fish for crappie and trophy catfish.
    146. Ryan K., rlkiesl, Springfield MO, I Fish stockton, pommie, and table rock.
    145. Chris Palombo, cpalombo, O Fallon MO, I most often fish the MO River at the 370 bridge, but lately the Miss River north of O Fallon.
    144. Lance, JohnnyRebel, kansas city area..Smithville lake and Missouri river mainly
    143. Bill, unclebill85, Here in KC hunting the big cats, or should I say trying to hunt the big'n! Fished: James A. Reed, Jacomo, Mighty MO, Blue Springs Lake and Lone Jack Lake.
    142. Willie, catfish willie, I fish mostly st. louis riverfront,alton,the old boys home,& behind the
    flood wall off hall st.
    141. David, OlDrum, Eminence, Missouri - I just started fishing the Mississippi. My personal best so far is 48# My goal this spring is #60
    140. Chad Mosby, Chad M, La Grange Mo, I'll fish anywhere i can get to the water.
    139. Mark Schuerman, cheeseheadking, I live in Kansas City North, but moving up to Smithville middle of May. I fish Smithville Lake and also the Missouri River down in Riverside.
    138. Alex Davis, cubedweller, KC MO. KC area lakes and rivers (lake jacomo, blue springs lake, lone jack lake, MO River) as well as Ozark area rivers such as Gasconade/Woods Fork rivers.
    137. Steven Adler, Icemanxxxv, Smithville MO. Fish Smithville Lake and sometimes the Missouri River
    136. ED Cooper, BajaCoop, Sikeston MO, I have been fishing around New Madrid, Mo at St. John's Bayou.
    135. Jared Norman, Jnorman, Oak Grove, MO; Missouri River, Truman lake and tailwaters.
    134. Jordan, JKinsey, Cape Girardeau/Jackson/Bollinger County, new to the area - don't know where I'll be fishing!!
    133. Eric, fabius_river_rat, I fish the Mississippi below Saverton, but Live closer to the Pool below Quincy now so will be tackling new water this year..................
    132. Ozzy, ozzyso44, Fish Smithville and MO River up near Craig, MO.
    131. Bill Heckart, beeheck, 5mm on LOZ
    130. Vince Copple, TeamWhiskers, St. Louis Mo., Major Rivers and Lakes
    129. Doug, dugjonz, Cameron, Pony Express, Smithville, Jacomo
    128. Bob Williams, bwillaub, Knob Noster Mo. Fish Truman mostly.
    127. Matt Bankston, insanedrifter, Odessa Mo. I fish Truman and L-O-Z. Rod and reel 4 life!
    126. Steve, cards n catfish, Columbia Mo., I mainly fish Mark Twain Lake, Missouri River.
    125. Parker, Parker, Weston Missouri, Missouri River-- out of Atchison or Leavenworth Platte
    124. Craig Shoemate, skipjackking, Centralia Missouri, I fish Mark Twain lake and the Missouri, great places to fish.
    123. Bob Heese, Rootwad, Platte City Mo., were the Big Platte and Little Platte Rivers meet. Platte City area.
    122. Dave Bonnett, whiskerlover, St. joseph Mo., i fish the muddy mo., the platte and various lakes around my area.
    121. Dave Shipman, Angler2007, Weston MO., I fish all over St. Joseph to Waverly on the Missouri, Smithville, Truman once in a while, Lake of the Ozarks once in a while. I like to fish for just about anything: catfish, crappie, walleye, saltwater, etc. If it swims I like to catch it.
    120. Ben Thomas, whisker chaser, Trenton MO., I fish Truman lake and the little podunk rivers up here. However I plan to hit the MO river this summer.
    119. Dan, daniel472001, I fish the Missouri River.
    118. Shane Williams, turtle1173, New Madrid, MO. I fish the Mississippi river out of ... New Madrid, MO.
    ****************MISSOURI BLUE CAT BOC HALL OF FAMER****************
    117. George Hammonds, Catman, Piedmont Mo. I fish Clearwater lake and the black river below the dam.
    116. Larry Elam, elalr, Lawson Mo., Ray County - I fish anywhere I can
    115. Ivan Lemons, ilemons, Cape Girardeau Mo, age 27, fish the
    Mississippi in southeast MO.
    114. Glen Whipkins, Boogan1, Norborne, Mo., I fish the Mo river just south of my house and I also have a place at warsaw where I fish LOZ and truman.
    113. Seth Turner, Seth, Owensville Mo., Maramec Springs; Osage River;Tablerock; Taneycomo
    112. Tony Mocca, Hooked-on-cats, I fish the lower Missouri and Mississippi around Alton.
    111. Nicole, Little Feet, Rusty is my father and I love to Fish in the farm ponds around my area.
    110. Gary Vinyard, gmvk30, Festus Mo., I fish Middle Mississippi River, Mark Twain Lake, Clearwater Lake, Lake Wappapello, Lake of the Ozarks. Salt River
    109. Andrew, ravenloft420, St Louis Mo., hey brothers!! brand new here and haven't been fishing in a couple years. but its on this summer! I'm so excited about spring coming! looking foward to the info from you guys!
    108. Garrett, Rottdog, fishing Lake Jacomo, James A. Reed, hoping to get out and fish the Kansas City area of the Mighty MO this year!
    107. Roger Green, Tatorchip, Knob Noster MO. I have recently retired from the military and just getting back into catfishing which I always loved but didn't have the time to pursue. Enjoy reading all your comments! I will be fishing on Truman Lake.
    106. Corey Haden, Haden, Frankford, Mo., fish the mississippi between Clarksville and Hannibal
    105. Keith, KGK20, mississippi just south of Festus
    104. Gary Shirley, Gary S., Troy Mo., I fish the Missouri mostly, Mississippi a little, and Cuivre River here in Lincoln county. As soon as I can get another motor for my boat, I'll be seein y'all out on the water again!
    103. Richard, RivrLivn, I live on the Osage river and fish the Osage, MO, and LOZ.
    102. John Morgan, daplumber, Florissant,Mo. I fish The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers for Catfish and Carp. Fish Lake Carlyle,Ill.
    101. Dan H., DWB, St. Charles County, Missouri, Mississippi Rivers and Mark Twain Lake (so far...)
    100. Curtis Selement, Taliesin, Centerview MO, Used to fish below Truman Dam. Not sure where I will be fishing now, but likely prospects include: Channels: Hazel Hill, Maple Leaf, James A. Reid, Lake Jacomo, Blackwater River and several farm ponds in the area Blues and flats: Missouri River between Dover and Wellington if I can find a good spot to cast in (no boat).
    99. Tim, slider, Louisiana Mo., hi from la mo the minute the weather breaks its time to start fishen
    98. Curtis Duncan, Captain Ahab, Owensville,Missouri. I'm just getting started fishing for the big cats and am still in the learning mode. I fish the Missouri River between Morrison and Hermann.
    97. Kevin McMullin, Gone Fishin', Fish the missouri and some LOZ
    96. Christopher Thompson, Incoming06, St. Joseph, NW Missouri. Mainly fish Mighty MO but hit others occasionally. Biggest fish blue cat 51.8 lbs (avatar)
    95. Dan Brasfield, brasmunky, Missourian at heart but the military sent me to Idaho. Mostly fished the Jackson county lakes, James A Reed, and Truman.
    94. Scott Iverson, talk2sampson, Kansas City Mo., Missouri river, Platte river, Smithville, and Pony Express.
    93. Terry Day, Terry Day, Parkville, Fish the Missouri, Truman, LOZ & Osage around Westphalia.
    92. Paul Lawrence, olddriller, Sullivan MO., cat chasing on the Missouri, Osage, Gasconade, and some of the lakes in Missouri .And maybe some in Ok. & IL.
    91. Doug, wooleybugger, Mostly missouri river around Lexington Dover area
    90. Jeff White, treloarjeff, Treloar Missouri river
    89. Shelli Davis, shelli davis, Sedalia Mo., when able or find free time i fish at Truman Dam
    88. Dennis Page, Duckshot, Butler, MO - Truman Lake, Marias Des Cygnes River, Little Osage River, Le Cygnes Lake, and Strip Pits (In Kansas).
    87. Dave Sagaser, Show Me Big Cats, Fishing Statewide.
    86. Allen, Moallen, I am in Jefferson City and will fish the MO and Osage rivers and Lake of the Ozarks.
    85. Lincoln Baker, lbaker3, Parkville Mo., I fish the Missouri river around Kansas City. Also fish Perry Lake and Smithville Lake.
    84. Mike, Hannibal Mike, Hannibal Mo., Missi river at Hannibal, hope for more time on Mark Twain, and want to go to Nicaragua and Red River in Canada.
    83. Micah Wilson, micah5634, Saint James Mo. ,Mo River at Hermann, Osage River, Lake of the Ozarks. Nice to see so many from Mo.
    82. Mark Shaffer, shaf, Independence, Mo river, Jackson County lakes, SW Pa trout streams and Juniata river in Pa.
    81. Austin Horton, fishing is fun, Springfield Mo., Springfield Lake
    80. Johnny Goodrich, Bait Eater, Nixa Mo., Blues on Truman and LOZ and the Mississippi River around New Madrid Mo
    79. Brent, trashman, I live in buffalo, fish Pommeand, Truman Lake, Warsaw below the damm and if somebody says their are cats in a ditch i'l try that to!
    78. Bernie LaJeuness, Ballwin Bernie, Ballwin Missouri I fish the Meramec river, Lake Ozarks,Missouri and Mississippi Rivers I fish for catfish,crappie,bluegill and anything that will bite.
    77. Ben Simmons, Ruffneck, My brother and I both fish the Mississippi around the Festus area.
    76. Denny Harden, Denny H, Moberly, I fish mainly Mark Twain and Thomas Hill.
    75. Jim, Winkstr, St. Louis Area, Fish Lower Missouri River - Target Big Blues & Flathead
    74. Roger Gerloff Jr., CAPTAIN JACK, Jefferson City, MO. Binder Lake Area & all Rivers
    73. Devin, 2hawks, from Seymour and I am lookin for some good cattin waters.
    72. Billy Weaver, Willy, most of the Missouri River and Smithville lake and several smaller streams in NorthWest Missouri
    71. Bob Simmons, Wright City, theonecatfishbob, I mainly fish the Missouri from the confluence up to Jeff City
    70. Bob, Stickbender, Northeast Missouri, fish mainly Mississippi and Mark Twain Lake.
    69. Brent Van Deren, Channel 27, Trying to catch fish from the bank on Stockton Lake during the winter is not easy, But I'm still learning. Things will turn around.
    68. Kyle Schweiger, Kyle, Lake Of The Ozarks (7mm/Gravios area), Mo River, Kansas/KAW River, Smithville, Truman, Hillsdale
    67. Mark Graber, tkyhnt, Raymore MO, Fish mainly Truman but Pomme a couple times a year.
    66. Josh Dixon, Crazy, Kansas City Mo., Missouri River, Kansas River
    65. Becky Davis, SassyManxLady, Between Strafford and Marshfield MO, Truman Lake, Stockton lake, White River, Bull Shoals Lake
    64. Marshall H., catfishing is fun Waters fished-anywhere i can fit my bait
    63. Matthew, GETHOOKED -Well I am a Missourian but live in AZ now. I keep the dream alive with the catties down here. I live in scottsdale, az I fish mostly Roosevelt lake, and Lake Pleasent here in AZ, but travel home to see my pops who lives down in Nixa, MO. Hope this counts, once a Show-me stater, ALWAYS a show-me stater!!
    62. Jay Reisenbichler, Bushwack, Cape girardeau Mossouri, Mississippi river,,
    *******************MISSOURI FLATHEAD CAT BOC HALL OF FAMER***************
    61. Matt, flahead_61, NWMO, Anywhere I can drop a line
    60. Johnie & Jessica Brauer, cougar, Green Ridge MO, Truman & MO river around I-70.
    59. Tim Ponder, timpndr20, Iberia Mo., lower LOZ,Osage river,Missouri river,Pom de Terre,Gasconade river,Big and Little piney rivers and all small creek's in between.
    58. Bob, SHOWME, Springfield, I fish Pomme most of the time although I'm 30 min. from Tablerock which I fish the James River arm.
    57. Dave ????, Smallriverrat. Big Blue, Little Blue, Missouri around 291 bridge, Long Branch and Thomas Hill Lake.
    56. Ron Esche, ronesche, st.louis-mo. miss. rivers, Baldwin lk.
    55. Steve Gregory, steveg442, missouri near weldon springs and local lakes
    54. Russell Stamper, Rusty , Spickard, I fish the Missouri river from Waverly on Down the river about 20 miles
    53. John Scarborough, Mountain Cur , Warsaw, Retired.
    52. Jordan Maher, catcatcher10, Belton, out here fishing small lakes and the ozarks
    51. Howard ????, Wally 1951, Warrenton
    50. Branden Stombaugh, Stolib, Kansas City, Missouri River
    49. Mark Arthur Louis, Beartrap Riverrat Spratt(mspratt), Amazonia, Missouri River
    48. Kenny ?????, knmfish, Chillicothe, Grand river at Chillicothe,north of the Missouri river.
    47. Bruce Starks, lakeith, St. Joseph/Agency Mo. Missouri River, Smithville Lake.
    46. John Allen, Desoto Mo., CUZ, Mississippi River, Missouri River, Ohio River, Tennessee River, Lake Wappapello. Count me in, count me in.
    ****************MISSOURI BLUE CAT BOC HALL OF FAMER****************
    45. Matt Merten, Bigbluefisherman, St. Joe, MO but I fish the Missouri River from KC to White Cloud, KS!
    44. Michael (Mike) Butler, Malichi1970, Fenton, Mississippi, Meramec rivers as well as any lake or pond I can got to from the bank.
    43. Marty T., Mr. T, Lee's Summit, Missouri River, Truman, Upper LOZ
    42. J.C. Blackmon, Bluejay, Independence, Truman, Hillsdale, Jacomo
    41. J.R. Stewart, Stewart23, Fulton, Missouri River near Mokane, Truman Lake, Mark Twain Lake
    40. Michael Hart, Big Merc, St. Louis, Mississippi River, local lakes.
    39. Tom Feldman, thomas feldon, Farmington, mississippi river, st. francis River.
    38. Ron Warren, Bigmagic, LOZ 75mm still chasin Blues. See ya on the water!
    37. Tom Vandiver, TomV, Warsaw, Truman Lake
    36. Doug Chapman, Doug C, chasing big Blue cats around K.C. (Missouri River).
    ***********MISSOURI BLUE CAT BOC HALL OF FAMER*************
    35. Gary Felkner, GaryF, Kansas City area , Missouri River, Kansas River
    ***"BIG FISH" Winner in both Summer and Fall B.O.C. 2006 On-Line Catfishing Tournaments***
    34. Ken Lee, Itch2Scratch, Lake of the Ozarks around the 58MM.
    33. Michael Jacobs, Michael Jake, Troy, Mo and Mississippi Rvrs, Mark Twain lake
    32. Kirk Kellough, CAT TAMER. missouri river(sibley area)
    31. John Surgeon, MRR, Louisiana,MO. Mississippi River sometimes Salt River.
    30. Brad Kilpatrick, Brad Kilpatrick, Kansas city, Ks. Kansas & Missouri rivers
    29. Danny Marcum, sherdan, Lebanon, Below Bagnell Dam, LOZ, Pomme, Truman
    28. Matt Smith, Kat in the hat. Mark Twain lake, and Missouri river.
    27. David Schuler, Rudeopossum. Goodman Mo. Grand in Okla. and table Rock
    26. Brian Henry (brisue) Springfield, Pomme de terre ,Stockton, Gascanade, Mo
    25. Troy Greenwood, spoonfish, Truman Lake, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri River
    *************MISSOURI FLATHEAD and BLUE CAT BOC HALL OF FAMER*************
    24. Harry White, catfisher43, Palmyra,Mississippi River,Fabius River,Mark Twain
    23. Jack Foreman, just cats, New Haven Mo, Missouri River
    22. Greg Polce, gpolce, St. Louis
    21. Larry mcguire, lmcguire, moberly, thomas hill lake, chariton river, Mo river
    20. Don Schulte, Fastman, Arnold, LOZ 36MM
    19. Lyle Stokes, blackhorse83, Springfield, Truman lake, Mississippi river
    18. Jim Wainwright, primitivefrn, Sac R, Osage , Truman , Stockton lake, Mo river
    17. Robert Kerr, fishingbuddy4, warrensburg ,truman,loz,mo. river
    16. Tom ????, Kutter, Arnold, Mississippi River - Festus/Bloomsdale area
    15. Lonny Creamer, Styx, St Louis County. Missiouri and Mississippi Rivers mainly
    14. Bill Rowe, RIVER-RAT, Franklin County, the Mississippi and Missouri
    13. Jeff Miller, Huntsfromtree, Kansas City/Columbia, Mo.,Missouri River
    12. Larry Province, Safetybass, Warrensburg, Truman, Lake of the Ozarks
    11. Mike Stoops, micus, St.Charles , Mississippi River, Mark Twain, Jacks Fork
    10. Mike Busche, roofermike, Jefferson City, the Missouri. Sometimes the Osage
    9. Pat Powell, PK Powell, NW Corner of Missouri. I fish the Missouri River
    8. Jon Nay, Cook, St. Joe, Platte,Little Platte,Big Mo.,Smithville,Pony Express
    7. Lincoln Baker, lbaker3, Missouri River and Smithville Lake Perry Lake in KS.
    6. Ethan Starr, Bigcatmaniac, California Missouri, Missouri River, LOZ at Gravois Mills, anywhere there are big fish.
    5. David Le., MOfisher314, St. Louis, Local Lakes and Rivers.
    4. Claude Miller, mobowhtr, Jefferson county, the Missouri, some Mississippi.
    3. Bruce ????, superman, desoto mo, mississippi river
    2. Bill Walker, Crawdad, 40 miles E of Jeff, mostly Farm ponds
  2. Philiagorillia

    Philiagorillia New Member

    Hey, im new here and figured i'd better check in and join in on the state wide roll call. I dont fish any rivers, just many local lakes and ponds. I'll get some photos up when i can get me a new digi cam:wink:

    Phil Jones, Philiagorillia, Imperial, Currently been fishing August Busch Memorial lakes pretty heavily in the last month and a few private farm ponds.

  3. jeffjbeard

    jeffjbeard New Member

    warsaw missouri
    Well Ken thought i had allready done this but do not see my name so Jeff Beardshear LOZ and Truman :embarassed:
  4. flipper

    flipper New Member

    My name is Richard Tompkins and i fish the Missouri river around the Lexington area.
  5. CountryHart

    CountryHart New Member

    Hi, names John Fisher aka" CountryHart". I live in Pineville Mo. Usually catfish in Grand lake of the Cherrokees, Tablerock or Beaver lakes. Was raised on the lower end of white river on wattensaw bayou. I enjoy drifting, juggin an setting lines. Hope to get involved here, awsum site.
  6. SkipEye

    SkipEye Well-Known Member

    Winfield, MO
    Welcome to all of the newest Missouri members. This is a good site!
  7. rodenberg

    rodenberg New Member

    Jessie Rodenberg
    fish grand river, missouri river, L.O.Z.,
    I mostly fish the grand near sumner, mo and the missorui near waverly
  8. Propshredder

    Propshredder Member

    Carl Willingham, fish mostly the Osage River around Wardsville and the Missouri over the years as well.
  9. Spills

    Spills New Member

    Jon Marolf, spills, St. Louis local lakes and soon the big rivers...miss, and missouri, new to the BOC.
  10. Scaley Cat

    Scaley Cat Member

    Ralph Pittman "slowbend" DeSoto, Mo. I mainly fish the Mississippi River, Missouri River, Carlyle Lake, Baldwin Lake, Ill.
  11. MRR

    MRR New Member

    I like Darrell want to Welcome all the new members we have from the Show-Me-State. MO.seems to be growing with leeps and bounds. That is really good to see.

    So :0a25::0a25:All New MEMBERS!!
  12. Cat-Slayer

    Cat-Slayer New Member

    Josh Maurath from South St. Louis County, and I catfish up and down the Mississippi, different spots on the Meramec, and sometimes the Missouri. If I can find a good lake, I'm on that too.:cool2:
  13. Welkmeister

    Welkmeister New Member

    Woodstock AL
    Larry Welker, Perryville MO - mainly have fished local ponds, Perry County Lake, Wappapello, Lake Girardeau. I want chase the biguns' in the Mississippi around Chester or Apple Creek area but need someone to show me the ropes on river safety and finding the "honey holes."
  14. cheapNdisgusting

    cheapNdisgusting Well-Known Member Supporting Member Supporting Member

    Yonder in Mo.
    I'm another new member. Russell aka. Zalmaflash. I just retired, live in Maryland Hgts Mo, and have a farm on the banks of the Caster river in Bollinger county. Either fishing there or at Bull Shoals,:big_smile:
  15. mo.whiskers70

    mo.whiskers70 New Member

    Johnny Cheung ,Mo.Whiskers70.I live in southern Jefferson County, I fish mostly off the bank around Rush Island or off the dike in Kimswick. Every once in awhile I'll get to go out with one of my buddies on the ol' miss.:big_smile:
  16. Grumper

    Grumper New Member

    Crystal City MO
    Glad to have you aboard Johnny. I thought that was you in your last couple postings, but wasn't sure. You still gettin' that boat next year?
  17. mo.whiskers70

    mo.whiskers70 New Member

    Yeah Gary ,so far so good on the boat. I just got a new job, so I should be in good shape by next year. Keep your fingers crossed for me. What's your number? It was in my other phone that messed up on me.
  18. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    I would just like to say Take you " Eggman "
    For bringing us together. GOD bless you!
  19. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    Can't spell worth a darn! I ment; THANK YOU/
    Sorry :tounge_out: .
  20. oh_darn

    oh_darn New Member

    Nixa, MO
    Joe Adams, i live in Nixa, and i fish Table Rock, Lake Springfield, and the James and Finley Rivers. Looking forward to maybe meeting some of yall and fishing
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