Missouri River - Typical Date of Spring Rise

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    O.P., KS
    I was looking at some historical flow data for the Missouri River at KC, trying to get an idea of when we see the spring rise, on average. I figure that most people can launch at Kaw Point at 30,000cfs flow, so I used that as the cutoff, and looked for the first day that the river reached that level in the spring and stayed above it. In dry years it’s determined by the Army Corps releases from the Gavins Point Dam on the Nebraska / South Dakota border. They will usually open up the gates sometime after March 15 to launch the barge navigation season for the year, and that water takes 4-6 days to reach KC.

    2000__Jan 1 (Wet year, river never fell below 30k)
    2001__Feb 23 (Late Feb rains in KS River basin)
    2002__March 24
    2003__March 23
    2004__March 26
    2005__March 27
    2006__March 26
    2007__Feb 21 (Early season rains)

    So pretty much the last week of March in typical years. I think we knew that already, but it’s interesting to see how consistent it was from 2002-2006.

    Did anyone else notice that the Missouri rose 2 feet yesterday? Those folks crazy enough to fish the cold water should have no trouble launching right now.
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    Well I havent been over the river lately did the ice go away? The last that I saw it the water was full of it.