Missouri river or grand river

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  1. primitivefrn

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    collins mo
    Anybody fish, the Grand by Brunswick mo. Are their any boat ramps, around their,Have a friend at Carrollton, wanted to take him fishing in that area when it,gets warmer
    Also is their any bigheaded carp, in that area.
    Thanks for any replys.
  2. kat in the hat

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    Is there anybody out there? I know this post is almost a year old and never got a reply, but what the heck. Yep there is a boat ramp in Brunswick. That's about all that's there besides a casey's store, and a bunch of pecan trees. And yes there is a bunch of bigheads too. I fished there this summer. In the grand we only caught gar. but on down in the big muddy we caught some blues and flats. I hear that the grand is good for flats in the spring. Probably need to catch it when the water is moving. When I was up there the water was dead.

  3. Rusty

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    Spickard Missouri
    I fish the grand and the Missouri from the ramp @ Brunswick. I was there yesterday. 10/29/06. The ramp is fine. The water is dead at the ramp but if you go up the river about a mile you start getting into some good current . If the river is up enough to get up there.. There is a lot of logs and stuff in the Grand. If you have never been up there, be very careful. Just above the railroad bridge there is a log jam its hard to get through the only way through is on the west side. I have a 16' Lowe and there are places that get very shallow, you have got to stay in the channel or you will run a ground. If you go down the Grand about a mile and a half you will run into the Missouri. Right now the river below the ramp is running from 5 to 10 feet deep. If you stay in the channel you can run that ok.

    If you wanted to know about the fishing yesterday? It sucked. Only caught one dink. We fished the Missouri. I guess we just wasn't in the right place or not the right bait cause I know they are there somewhere...
  4. Willy

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    Jim Has a 4wd boat and likes to drive the asian carp nuts,he can get places I only dream to go at times.
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    run the boat about 7 mph and the carp will jump in no need for a hook just watch and dont get hurt.