Missouri River near JC-fishing report

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by roofermike, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. roofermike

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    Jefferson City, Missouri
    Just courious is anyone else is having any luck. Personally the last 3 weekends have been dismal. I have been unable to locate any shad even in spots that have been consistently good for the past 4 years. I have been reduced to using Asian carp as they are thick and easy to acquire(simply idle along and they jump in the boat) although I don't personally think it is as good as fresh shad. The reports that I have recieved from several guys that I see out all the time the fishing is just slow.

    If anyone has any idea where the shad are at please let me know. Hopefully the cooler weather will help bring the bite back. Also it wouldn't hurt to have a few thunder storms.
  2. joer

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    Mike I feel your pain. We searched for shad on perche creek and on the missouri for 2 hours on sunday and came up empty handed...I always find shad! So all we used was the big asian that flew in our boat about 2 minutes into throw netting. We had a few small bites and netted a 3lb and a 6lb channel. We'll be going to a local lake to catch shad this week to have some for the Katfish Katy gathering! You should fish with us.

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    Same here..Went out last weekend and just couldn't find bait period..Got into some small shad,but only caught one channel..We were praying for a big head to jump in the boat and it just didn't happen..I am going to go out tommorrow and try my luck..