Missouri River Channel Catfish

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    Leslie Missouri
    Rod and reel fished all night Saturday and most of the night was quiet except for and hour and a half around 11 to 12:30 or so. Caught four eater size channels and one blue ranging from a pound and a half to about four pounds. Caught all fish on asian cut up like Cuz said to do it. Talked to several other fisherman who had similar slow or worse luck that night. Did talk to one guy at the ramp who had a fifteen pound blue he had caught on a trotline. But the channels got me to thinking and I remember that the biggest channel I've caught from the Mo. was a nine pounder , about seven or eight years ago. I'm just wondering if that's just me or if others have had similar experience with the channels on the Missouri. I don't quite understand it since the river supports such a healthy population of big blues and flatheads I don't see why the channels should run so small. I realize they don't grow to the sizes of the other two species but still seems like a guy would latch onto some ten to twenty pounders now and then. Anyway, just curious how you others do . Supposed to get a decent rise here tomorrow so I may have to take a day of vacation and fish the river with a little water in it for a change.
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    probly because everyone eats what they catch, most peoples mentality is nothing goes back to swim again.

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    My biggest Missouri River channel cat is 9lbs, too. I agree that bigger ones are rare, and I don't really know why. I've had a few days when I could catch dozens of the half pound variety channel cat if I hit the right spot, but I've only seen a handful that were over 5lbs.

    I'm not complaining, the blue cats more than make up for it :lol:
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    Know a guy that caught a 20 or 22# on a bank line a few years back.Biggest channel I've seen come out of the mo river in these parts.