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    I am new at the big river game and was wondering, do you key on the deep holes on the back side of wing dams, pillers, etc. or is there a pattern to go by. I mean is there a seasonal pattern to go off of? Or is it, find a spot, if you don't get a bite in 20 mins, move. thanks for the help and I love this site.

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    Here lately....nothing works!!:lol::lol::lol:

    I do the later for the most part, fish...no bites = move

    Welcome to the BOC! Lots of very knowledgable folks on here that are more than willing to help out.

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    COuple of things:

    1) First and foremost welcome to the greatest website on the net today! Kick off your boots and get your feet wet!

    2) Fishing is a lot of trial and error. It depends what you are trying to catch, trophies, eaters, or a combo. Everything you listed has its pluses and minuses.

    3) I don't follow the rule 20 mins move, alot of my bigger fish have been 2 hours no bites and all of a sudden WHAM! I fish what I know. study the water, know the area and know that there are fish there! Then adjust

    Best of luck and tight lines