Missour River access near Omaha

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    I'm planning a trip to Omaha to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo pretty soon. I'd like to bring my big river rods and check out the Missouri river while I'm there. Is there are good bank access there in Omaha? I've never been there before. Any help would be appreciated! :big_smile:
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    you should talk to mo river man he could probably ponit ya in the right direction

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    It is somewhat limited but there is Boyer Chute which is a habitat restoration side channel minutes North of Omaha near Fort Calhoun on Hwy 75. There is some dikes north of Dodge Park along with some dikes both North & South of the Casino. There is also some access going south of town on the Iowa side off the Bartlett exit and there ussed to be access from a road just South of the Mid America Power plant that went to the Mouth of Mosquito Creek, some people have caught some there. Almost forgot, Wilson Island that is up by Desoto Bend, if you take I-29 north to the Missouri Valley exit and take a left it will take you to Desota Bend and Wilson Island.
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    Might look in to the area behind the Qwest Center I think you still get to the water down by the Qwest Center and the 480 Bridgecould be wrong. There were some areas that you could bank fish from over on the Iowa side at next to the casino's