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    This last Saturday. I loaded up my gear and headed to Vicksburg Ms. I had been messaging a BOC brother Nightowl. He and I planned a little trip on the Mississippi. We were both tired of being penned up because of all the recent rain. We met up that morning and after I stopped and picked up a day license and a few snacks, we headed to the ramp.
    Nightowl has a really nice boat for catfishing too. It is a 20 footer that he has set up nice. He had just finished working on a rod holder for the back of his boat. I think he wanted to give it try and he postponed the final touches in order to give it run on the river. I think a nice touch was his cut-out lettering with his wife's name on the rod holder, "MISSTEP", all in stainless steel. VERY SHARP.
    We fished up and down the river. I think we tried every hole he had ever fished and it was a slow day. We were both watching our watches and dreading that "SKUNK" list mentioned by some on the forum. Finally about 3pm we hooked up a good one. We both agreed to claim it since it was a shared effort. Thus keeping our names off the dreaded list.
    I want to thank Nightowl for letting me hitch a ride with him. He is a truly a great BOC member. We will be planning many more trips in the future. Even though it was a slow day fishing we had a great time and shared many good experiences.
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    Hey Robert. Thanks for the report. BOC is a special place with special people.

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    Robert I fish north of you in the MS river. It has been slow here but it will pick up in Oct. when the river slows down I hope. I hope the rain stops for a little bit.
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    Robert i truly enjoyed our trip and hope we can replay it in the near future maybe with a few more fish LOL.

    I like your new avatar!!!!
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