Mississippi / St. Criox rivers

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    i'm thinkin' of taking a little trip across the state to do some fishing on the mississppi and or st croix next summer at some point. i was wondering if anybody out there fished these at all....for cats of course. i'd prefer to stick in the wisconsin area and not go south much further then the northern part of illinois. i plan on spending a few days out there, camping on the islands possibly. not really sure on the details, all depends on where i go fishing. is there anybdoy out there willing to give up some info on good places to fish, techniques, boat ramps ect? feel free to get back to me via private message if you'd like. who knows, maybe meet up on the water too. thanks in advance.
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    I ve never fished the mississippi before but is on my list also.I know that there are world records in there.I would say to use all the same techniques you used to catch the flathead in your picture.The best thing for you to do though is chum the water with slices of fish. I use the head and tale for that and slice the other mid section into one inch wide pieces,then put a circle hook on it.Then i put out my live bait with as big a treble hook as needed for bait.If you want a trophy put big bait whatever you can catch on nightcrawlers.I would possibly be interested in meeting up some time in spring or even better summer and doing some fishing somewhere.I live in illinois very close too the border of wi.usually i fish the fox but want too fish a biger body of water sometime.where in wisconsin do you fish?you can email me at musky7600@hotmail.com if your interested.

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    Thats all i fish, is the mississippi, if ya was closer i could help ya, but im about 100 miles south of St Louis, .
    If ya know how to fish for flats ,the mississippi is a great place,,, good luck man