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Mississippi river

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Went fishing on the mississippi river today and got skunked. Theres so much water its kinda hard to know where to start. We started out at about 10 am fishing the back of a wing dike in about 32 foot of water,nothin,then we went into more back-water area got a few bites but didnt catch nothing,my question is during the day what would be the best area to fish? i have a small jon boat so i really dont wanna be anchored in the middle of the river.also is the back-water part of the river worth bothering with or should i stay on the main river? 2 pounders or 60 pounders i dont care i just wanna catch some fish! any help?
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There's folks here who know far more than I do, but for starters, you were on the wrong side of the wing dike. Fish DO stay in the hole below a dike, but not to eat. When they get hungry, they head UPSTREAM. Next time, try fishing just up from the dike and a bit toward shore.
Hey catman. Not disagreeing with Kutter, he has a TON of experience on the river, however I do have HUGE success on the wing **** tips, in the deep holes. Kutter and I are getting together next week, and I'm hoping he will show me the intracies of fishing the upper side of the *****. I ALWAYS fish the tips and have great success. Just last night, caught six blues 30, 17, 13, and a couple 7-8 pounders. A pretty good trip I thought. As well, I caught the 60# in my profile picture two weeks ago, right off of the tip of the wall way out in the channel. We were using big head carp for bait cut in 1 inch wide stips and 8 inches long or so. What kind of bait were you using? What type of Rigging? Weight? etc etc. I cant wait to see how Kutter fishes the upper side, as for me I do really well on the tips. I pull the boat just inside the tip of the ****, on the down current side, and cast straight off the back of the boat. I prefer to use shad which I get in my cast net. I'll try using live ones on a couple rods, and some cut up on other rods until I figure out what they are hitting, then I give them what they want. We used Big Heads last night as one of them decided to jump into the boat and I quickly had 20 pounds of cut bait ready made. The blues love them, however flat heads prefer the live baits. This forum is slam full of great information, and you just need to figure out what works best for you. What area of the river are you fishing? Best Of Luck to you. Kutter, were still on for next week arnt we? How about in the next couple of days? arnt you off tuesdays? By the way catman, your bites back in the slack water were probably gar. They are bad this time of year. They drive me nuts so I dont fish in the backs of the coves. If you figure out how to get the gar to leave you alone let me know.
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Hey you guys that fish the miss. do you fish a lot of back water for flatheads. Or do you all fish the dikes like we do on the mo? Would love to take my boat on the miss one day this summer. Have no idea where to go and how to fish it though.
John, you have been having much better luck than me, this year. Apparently, your way works better than it has for me. I too fish close to the tips of the dikes, just on the oppisite side, upstream. I look for the first "dip" in the dike under the water, mentally remembering how far from the exposed dike. I then motor above the dike, about 15 ft toward shore and 120 ft or so upstream. After dropping the anchor, I float downstream to about 40 ft from the dike tip and tie the anchor rope off. Then I drop the rear anchor straight down. This leaves 2 productive areas to fish, one on each side of the boat. To the outward side, I cast about 10-15 ft straight upstream from the "dip" I mentioned. On the shore side, I'll cast straight back to the dike, about 10-15 ft from the exposed dike. Both locations have been productive for me. Now if the day ever comes that I find a way to stay warm enough and fish during the winter months, I would fish Jetdriver's downstream hole every time. Those that know me know that day will most likely never happen, I get cold below 70 degree's and freeze below 60.

Sounds like gar to me also. They stay in those backwaters all summer and (if) there are any cats in there, the gar will beat them to the bait every time. Drum will also be below the dikes in the shallower areas, and hit your bait constantly, but rarely get hooked.

Crazy, when your ready to head east and try the Miss out, post a thread and you'll get plenty of advice on where to put in at and where to fish. I used to fish below Alton Dam alot, between Woodriver, IL and the confluence of the Missouri River. No dikes to speak of up in that area, fished mostly upstream of the holes, which change year to year. Lot's of barge traffic up in that area and between that and the lack of safe spots to leave the truck and trailer, I quite fishing up there. Jetdriver and myself have been fishing below Festus this year, although the trip he mentioned above for next week, will be our first time fishing together.

John, I am working my days off this week, but it's still on for the 6th. Weather calls for clear & 85 during the day and 61 for the night. I'll bring my jacket. (I aint kidding)
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Thanks for all of the insight Kutter. I'm willing to give er a try. I can honestly say I have had a gangbuster summer. I'll bring all my latest photos with me on the sixth. We hammered them last night, and I lost a real hog, AGAIN. Thats fishin I guess. I'm happy with a 30 pounder though. I've done well with the shads, I have to be honest though, all of my real brutes this summer have come on cut baits. Certainly wouldnt break my heart if we get another boat visitor when we go out the sixth in the form of another big head. Those big blues pound those things. Cant wait to go fishin. I'm off till the sixth, so if you get bored, give me a call. Thanks again for all of the information.
Thanks kutter I'll make sure and do a post. It sounds like the fishing has been better on the Miss. this summer. Out west here in KC the fishing has been kind of disapointing here lately. A great night is 2 fish. Although 90% of our fish have been over 20 pounds so I can't complain all that much. Jetdriver I agree with you there them dang flying carp are some great bait. I'm starting to think it's easyer for them big blues to digest there smaller scales rather then the common carps larg scales. That and they just stink bad.
I caught the 60 on common carp. I cut it the same way I do the Big Eyes. Those big blues are real piglets. I dont think they care what you give them. Sorta like me when someone puts a steak in front of me. haha. I like cutting my baits an inch wide, 8-10 inches long, and hooking it in the very end of the piece. If you held this in the current it would appear to swim. I've had good luck rigging this way. IMO, if you ball the baits up on the hook it interferes with the circle hooks ability to do its thing. I'm beginning to use stinger hooks to stop the occasional shortstrike on these baits. Best Of luck fishing to you.
Mr. Allen, this is Tom's (Kutters) wife. Please, PLEASE do not let him talk you into throwing every fish back. My freezer is down to one bag of catfish. Pictures don't fry up well. Make sure he bring some home for me. Please!
Thanks, Linda
Cant let the lady down. Tom, you best be catchin some fish. I'll let you have some of mine to keep her happy. :) Ifin we dont catch any fish, it will be Toms fault. LOL :p
Jetdriver, sounds like you fish the same way I do with carp. it almost looks like a big leach in the water. Although I cut my strips about 1 1/2-2 inches wide. Before I cut them up though, I take a small pail and cut the end of the carps tail off. Then hold the carp over the pail and let the blood drain into it. Then I take the carp and make my cut bait out of him. I let the strips soak in the blood to keep them nice and moist while i'm fishing.
Thats a good idea with the pale and soaking the bait. I've been throwing my pieces on the front of the boat. I'll have to give that a try. I do like using those big cut baits. Good Luck Fishin!!!!!
jetdriver i was fishing with a 2 ounce sinker on bottom and about 12 inches up i had a #6 hook with fresh cut bluegill on it,even though i didnt catch anything that day i still think its the place to be that type of area anyway.
went out over the weekend to mark twain lake did some trotlining for them big twain flats,ended up catching 2 small channel.the fishing hasnt been very good for me,im down but not out! imma keep at um. might try some jugging next weekend on the salt river who knows. and even though the fishing hasnt been that great, the iced down beer sure does taste good :D
Iced Down Beer has saved many a fishing trips. LOL. The fishing has been really slow out on the Miss the last four days too. We need a front to move through. I'm a firm believer that the nicer the weather, the worse the bite. Rumor has it that they are biting decent at night. I got a 27 pound Blue four nights ago, but that was it. Skunksville except for him. You may want to try reversing your set up a little bit. Try a Carolina Rig set up when fishing the Mississippi. I've found that if those fish feel any weight at all they will drop it, especially the bigger ones. I use a 1 1/2 ounce weight with a bead, then a barrel swivel (300 pound breaking strength) and about 18 inches of leader to a size 9 Gamagatsu circle hook. With this set up, the only tension the fish will feel is your rod tip, which isnt such a bad thing. Dont be afraid to try different things and find what works for you. I hope the fish start bitin for you as well as for me. I am going with KUTTER tomorrow afternoon, and well let everyone know how we do. Best Of luck to you. :cool:
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Jetdriver, what do you call a stinger hook? Did you guys do any good on the 6th?
Hello Dave. Kutter and I fished for about 4 hours. I was a very, very gracious host and LET him catch a 15 pound Flat Head. I kept all of the fish off of my lines being as I didnt want to be a bad Host. Other than that one fish, we (I) got skunked. :mad: A stinger hook in a nutshell is an additional hook. It is usually attached to the regular hook via wire or monofilament. There are various and widely used applications to this set up. The stinger hook rig is designed to hook the short striking fish when you use large baits. Hope I answered your question. Best Of Luck Fishin
so was you fishing kutters method of fishing above the ****?
Nope, we fished his way this time. I think I got him curious enough to want to try above the dike one of these trips, though.

I was as good a guest as he was a host. I ONLY caught the one fish so as to not embarrass him in his own boat. Man, this was a new experience for me. Being in someone else boat meant I didn't have to do anything but fish. He launched the boat, caught the bait, drove from one wingdike to another and after it was over, loaded the boat onto the trailer. Fishing without the work is cool! Best of all was going home and not have to spend any time parking the boat/trailer and unloading everything. I'd of broke my skeg off a long time ago if I knew it would have gotten me out of all the work. :)
Doesnt sound like Kutter will be in any hurry to get his skeg fixed. I had a good time. Hopefully we can catch more fish next time. As we found out from others, fishing had been pretty slow for awhile. I hope to catch the bite in October. Looks like I am going to have a week or two off in October Kutter so well have to go again. Next time, I wont be so gracious. I'll have a talk with my rods. LOL :cool:

Have you noticed any correlation between catching fish on the back side of dikes and whether the river is going up or down?

I've had good success on the upstream side of dikes this year, including 3 over 50 lbs, a 47, a 37.5 and a 43 (my friend with me caught this one on Saturday). Also had one that straightened out my 6/0 Kahle!

The one common thread is that the water was dropping every time. Just wondering if you have noticed a relationship.
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