Mississippi River North of Minneapolis

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    I have done well over the years fishing Channel's both below and above the Coon Rapids Damn but for the pastyear I have found myself boatless for the first time in my life. Iwould love to discover a few more fishable shore spots. The wife and I enjoy camping the rivers too within a couple hours of Minneapolis. We've been to the St. Peter/Mankato area and as far north on the Mississippi as Park Rapids. Again, I know a few spots, but I am amazed at how difficult I am finding it to locate publicly accessable stretches of the river. Either there are no roads that run close enough to make feasible a walk down to it or it is developed or otherwise private property.

    I've wanted to try the Red River or Minnesota out west, but am really apprehensive about making such a drive only to discover I cant find a spot to camp along the shore.

    If anyone has some areas they feel comfortable sharing with me, i'd sure appreciate it.

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    You would have to look up on some of the local sights, and people might share some info with you. I fish by boat all the time, I'll try to keep an eye out for spots that might be good.

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    if you want eaters the croix offers probably the cleanest fishing and actualy good sized fish. the park at stillwater is a good start. if you got a state park sticker you could go try the park by the falls. otherwise the best shore spot is probably under the 94 bridge but its suposidly state highway land and i was asked to leave once. the channels there approach 15-20lbs. but its snaggy. suckers are the ticket.
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    Oceanside Ca.
    I am not from Minnesota, my girlfriend is though. I have fished the river in the Red wing area a few times. I caught everything from walleye,striper, and LMB, to channel cats, carp and sheephead.

    A tip for when looking for new fishing spots. I use Google maps. The satellite view can be real helpful when scouting for areas that are to far to drive just to scout.

    I like i said i am not from Minnesota, but i use that trick all the time when i am looking for or planning a trip to a new fishing spot.