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    Our weekend getaway (trailor on stilts) is located on a chute of the Mississippi River near Elsberry MO. The first attachment shows the chute relative to the nearby islands and the main river channel. The "A" is where the trailor and dock are located. The second attachment shows a close up of the chute with "B" marking an stretch of undeveloped shore and "C" pointing to where a small creek flows into the chute.

    Most of my fishing has involved either jugs placed at "B" or with rod/reel off the dock at "A". We put out the jugs just before dark, fish off the dock during the evening, and pick up the jugs the next morning.

    While I am satisfied with the jug production in the chute I cannot help but wonder if I would do even better if the jugs were moved to either one of the larger nearby chutes or even the main river itself. I have read on here that catfish move to shallows to feed at night so it would seem my jugs are there waiting for them. Any thoughts on the jugs? Would placing a few near the creek entry "C" be a good idea?

    Most of the rest of the time I am using rod/reel while sitting on the dock "A". Any tips on what might work best in that type location? This is as much relaxation time as fishing time so any help in that direction is appreciated as well. I have been using a slip bobber setup with goldfish as bait for both jugs and rod/reel. I plan to get a castnet this year but the goldfish were convenient if expensive.

    This is a lot to throw at you but if anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them.

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    Gary, when I’m satisfied with fishing an area then to me its time to find and learn another. You can always go back with what you know, but even then thing happen that can change, finding yourself out having to learn a new area all over again. I’m somewhat familiar with your area and would only fish the C area for bait or after a rain or high water, other wise I’d head down to the deeper waters where it joins with Westport chute and further toward the main channel. Enjoy the larger picture of the waters around you, it’s always good to have a plan D & E.

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    If you're having good luck, I don't see why you should change. But, for me, I would move down closer to the main channel. I would fish the points where the gravel is built up. Shallow water close to deep water and current. But that's just me, and I've got a lot to learn about the river yet.