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i guess we can move the misisy river fishing here.........none of the posts from the old board will be coming over.....................anyway, i caught a 22 lb blue sat. and 4 in the 5lb range today.......towboats are tough out there right now!!!!! i had to throw the anchor 5 times today and let the waves calm down........
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hey Coach!!!! at least your fishing my fishing funds ran out and I won't have any more till the last of the month so I'm having to wait till the fall Pickwick gathering.
I like the new board setup but it's gona take a while to learn how to get around in it.
yew Dawg! I'd give my I teeth to be catchin any blues!
Keep on Fishin' Brother!
Looks like quite a few changes with this new format for the BOC.

I got my fishfinder (Fishmark 320) back today from eagle. They said that they didn't find anything wrong with it and it was likely a problem with the power cord or fuse holder. They sent me all new wiring and the fuse holder. What that amounts to is the transducer and everything!

Let me say that before I ever sent the unit in, I went through the wiring very closely to make certain that wasn't the problem. I replaced connectors and made sure everything was clean and tight. I go out and hook up the fishfinder to my "old" wiring. Nothing. I jiggle a connector that I had running to the battery and it comes on :rolleyes: I know I've gone over all this wiring at least 3 times.

Anyway, that's the way it goes, and now I've got a brand new transducer for a spare, LOL.

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Hey Shane,
Its good to hear you found the problem with the wiring. I hate fishing blind and I know you do to. I read the post about you taking your wife and two kids with you on Saturday. Those pics were real nice. Looks like you have fishing partners for years to come.

Coach, I fished Saturday too. However, I didn't do as well as you did. I only managed two small fish. One little channel and about a 3lb blue. I took a guy with me that wanted to learn how I was catching all those big blues. Now I guess he's thinking I sandbagged him and didn't show him anything. We fished about 8 hours and he didn't catch anything. That's how it goes you know.
Well guys I change my user name during the move. I went out yesterday for a little while but I only got one fish about a 4# blue. The river is very low if it gets much lower we will have to start bank fishing.

Guys be on the look out for a little blue horsey he ran away from home and I can't find him anywhere. :cry-big:
Hey Coach, what did it feel like catching those cats. It has been so long since I caught one I forgot lol. ;)
Hey, y'all! What's up with the new website?
All new to me. Looks alright. The arcade looks fun, but I can't figure out where to put my quarters... No fishing for me yet. Maybe this weekend...
Hey Dave. Nice Blue in your profile pictue. What did that pig weigh?
It was 77 lbs about 2 hours after I caught it. Probably 80+ when I got it in the boat.
So this is the new home huh? Gonna take a little while to figger it all out.

I started a new job a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had a lot of time to surf the board.

I'm glad to see that everyone is alive and well.

I'm still fighting motor problems. I have my carbs torn apart and will do some intensive cleaning tonight. Hope to have it running well by the weekend. Otherwise I'll have to bum a ride with Dudlbugr.

Y'all catch some bigguns!
So this is where you guys are hanging out! I started a new thread under MS River fishing. Guess I should have looked around a bit first. This stuff is always confusing at first, at least for me.

Dudlburg, how you making it? When are you and Joe coming back to sore-lip all my big fish?
Reb that profile pic pretty much sums it all up right now. :D I feel cheated since mine came with no stripes! If you get a chance while your in, come on up to memphis and fish with us one of these days.

Thanks for the update Matt, we're lookin at coming that way more than likely thursday if the weather will hold. I've been looking forward to drifting but everytime i've tryed it i've came up skunked. Charles said something about some feller loosing a axle at mckellar so it might get pretty interesting trying to launch. :eek:

Joe, good to see you posting again. Hope you get all those outboard problems worked out and back to doin some good fishing.

To all you guys goin to fish the tourney this weekend. GOOD LUCK!!
Hey 3 and bigrirev,
I'll have to see if my fishing partners can make it up there one day. We'll see. I spent way too much money on fishun last time I was home. I can't do that anymore! All I can say is, it's a good thing I get the petroleum worker's discount. I don't think I could stand paying the full price for gas like everyone else... :p
Hey y'all,

What's up with the "reputation power" thing? Everyone must start off with a good reputation, and then it counts up as it gets worse? I see BK's got some reputation power, and we all know about his rep.... :confused:

BK!!! Getting to be the right time of year down here... You gonna come down and fish with me sometime?
I like this new site they have. Hadn't been able to do much fishing lately over here. hadn't the time or the money.

did figure out why i'm over here though. well besides bars, girls, and class to get an education to be able to afford gas. It really hurts to get low on the stuff now exspecially with a gas guzzling V8.

Glad to here that ya'll are still getting after them. i hadn't got a hook wet in quite a while. i guess i'm going to have to get my priorities straight LOL. Ya'll Have a good un. Tom
Now if some one will tell me if it's a bad rep or a good one. :confused:

Reb I would love to drive over and fish with you but right now money is the hold up.I'd have to take out a bank loan to buy the gas but I do tax sales at the end of the month and if the offer still stands then I may take you up on it.
The cost of fishing is getting expensive!!! I mowed my yard today and it cost me about 7.00 just in gas to mow. The gas was 2.56 a gallon. Filling up my boat and adding oil that's a total of 18.36 for 6 gallons of gas. I normally burn about 6 gallons a trip and add in ice, drinks, gas for my rig and I'm looking at about 35.00 for one trip :cursing: and I only have to go about 6 miles to the ramp. Will I let it slow me down? I don't think so!!!! :p Heck, I may even go to my local lake this afternoon and chase a little bass around and wait on the shad to school to replenish my bait supply. I'm getting low on shad still have plenty of skippies. :D
Just wanted to say "Good Luck" to those who are fishing the Tournament in Caruthersville tomorrow. Sure wish I could be there. I agreed to preach a wedding several months ago and they didn't have a copy of the tournament schedule then, LOL.

The 1st place winners from the New Madrid Tourney are fishing this one. They are going to take advantage of the "trailering clause" that allows one to trailer their boat to other places on the river. They are planning on fishing in their usual "honey hole" in New Madrid.

Make sure you give us all the gooey details when you all make it back.
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