Mississippi River Fishing Could Get Weird

Discussion in 'LOCAL IOWA TALK' started by Longjohn119, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. Longjohn119

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    I don't know if anyone else keeps track but they've 'flatpooled' the Mississippi from Pool 12 to Pool 17 .... maybe further

    Now I've never seen a sustained Flatpool on the Mississippi but I have heard "Old Timers" talk about it happening in the 50's or 60's and they said the fish really go nuts because of low/no current flow .... I guess it would depend on how much rain the area gets Wednesday on whether it's sustained through the weekend

    Trick is getting on the water in many places and keeping an eye on shallow structure you normally wouldn't worry about tearing up boat/motor
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    Wilton Iowa
    yeah i have noticed that the river is low and slow. i have to be very careful getting into the blanchard shoot with me deep V, about tore off the prop a couple weeks ago. The fish go nutz? what do you mean by that? Thanks