Mississippi River blue catfish

Discussion in 'TENNESSEE RIVERS TALK' started by shadguts, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. shadguts

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    I have got to take my wife to a job training session in Memphis this Saturday, and am considering fishin the river. Has anyone been catching any there? Any advice would be appreciated. Do you fish wing dams, channels, or other places? I haven't been in the Memphis area before. I have a boat and a few frozen skipjacks and invite one person to go. If interested let me know.
  2. rwilley3

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    Brighton, Tenne
    We are gonna try it ourselves on Sat if wind no too bad. I had surgery and haven't been out myself since early December. From what I understand been kind of spotty lately. A lot of the "locals" post on a thread under the State of Mississippi if you want to look at it and see. Be careful out there and stay in the channel unless you know where you are going. We do fish a lot on wing dams and other deep holes. You can likely expect a lot of nets right now as well. We also fish riprap banks, cuts, etc.

  3. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    The area between the I55 and railroad bridges over toward the Arkansas side is supposed to be real good.