Mississippi River 5/31 and 6/2

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    Went out wed evening with my wife for an hour and a half after work and got 14 channels... all small with my wife of course gettin the big of about 3.5#. was fun bobber action..... not too gungho though. the bites will get better.

    went out saturday afternoon for about 3 hours and me and my fishin partner got 29 channels... all fish about one pound except for a 3 and a 6#. still on bobbers, but i think that the best is yet to some. very few fish had battle scars on them. i cleaned 23 of the fish (throw the big ones back) and the egg sacs were fairly tight in them, if that means anything. still about a week or so away from peak and I am on vacation june 7 through the following weekend. should be fun (although gotta do much more than cattin)

    Two things i got q's about anyone. ended up using cut bait for bait today, not of your typical shad, but we call them "mooneye's". They are a crap fish like a shad with a big eye and sometimes you might actually catch them on hook and line as we did 3 or 4 today. anyone ever use these things as bait instead of shad ... the meat is very oderous and a little softer than cut shad. i like it.

    also , we noticed the iowa shore where we were on the river today was very muddy color and we did not catch a fish in about a quarter mile of good shoreline. the illinois side of the same area was much clearer water and that is where we spent most of our time. Does the clarity have a big impact on the fish? i sure think so after seeing this today...

    ps, my buddy in one pool away from us today got skunked. ??????????????
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    Thank's for the Report david.Yup them Mooneyes You were useing for cut bait work Good for Me to,I have used them several times with good success.Keep on keeping on My friend,and catch the Big one.OK J.D.:lol: