Mississippi pool 1 6/8/08

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    I fished the Miss here in Minneapolis tonight. I got my first flattie of the year in this spot last night, a cute little bugger of about two pounds, and I was hoping his momma would show up tonight. I got to the spot at about 7:30, a couple other guys eventually showed up between 8 and 9. We were all using bullheads on big f'in hooks.

    About 10:15, one of the other guys got one, about five pounds. 10 minutes later, I had a run. I picked up the rod, engaged the reel, and tried to cross his eyes. He was on for about 3 seconds. Felt like a good one. All I could do was hang my head. Nothing else happened for a couple hours, so I came home.

    I'll be back again tomorrow night. I have a feeling things are just about to get rolling on pool 1.