Mississippi Hog Hunting

Discussion in 'Hog Hunting' started by koking20, Jul 12, 2009.

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    I am looking to Hunt Hogs with both Bow and Rifle here in Mississippi's Wildlife Management Areas and the National Forests and I am looking for any information I can get from Experienced Hog Hunters Like what kind of tactics to use what kind of Camo, Scent killers, where to Scout, Ground blinds or Tree stands basically I am beginner as far Hog Hunting and I am lookin get all the info I can before hunting season
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    We mostly hunt hogs with dogs up here.. I always hunt on the ground for hogs.. You can still hunt or spot n stalk em alright.. Ground blind can be purdy effective..

    You can bait em in with a feeder or corn piles...

    Any kinda camo is good.. Mossy Oak, Realtree

    Scent killer can use anything that is good for deer huntin

    Scoutin.. Look for there rootings, any kinda swamp/shallow water in the area you know there is hogs at... If you find a swamp/shallow water look for holes.. They lay down and rollin around.. kinda like a bed in the mud..