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    Well tomorrow is the big day here in Mississippi for most folks. Think I'm gonna post and give ya'll the reports I can and maybe we can learn somethin about deer activity. If anybody busts one post it here and we can share some victory stories and you can brag all you want!
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    Leland, MS
    well i got busted today. big ole doe caught me while i was pi$$ing. layed my gun on the tree beside me and was talkin on the ole phone. she didn't move until i was finished then decieded to blow at me for at least a good 20 minutes. did find something weird today though. the land right next to were i was hunting was clear cut this last spring, summer. i hunted some thick timber this evening and noticed that a buck had a scrape line about 10 yards from the cutover. every 25-40 yards there was a scrape that had been worked. I couldn't figure it out. exactly 10 yards from the cutover for several hundred yards. from a pine thicket, through a cypress thicket, and into hardwoods. it was amazing. i did notice a small tree that he had rubbed and it didn't get me to excited but the fact that i have never seen so many scrapes this early so close that was a shocker.

    several years ago on a place we hunted in issaquena(sp) county the same thing happened but it was a rub line on willow trees. me and my dad hunted that deer religiously and never got a shot at him. every willow tree for 200 yards was rubbed bare and they were about a foot off the ground and from 2" to 8" in diameter. we would go in and see the sap still ozzing out of the tree's he had just hit. 3 years of hunting him we never got a shot. he did it every year in the same places and we only saw him one time.

    i would at least like to see how big this deer is. 4 years ago in the same spot my dad found a scrape. the exact same location. kind of weird. it's right under a cypress tree. i can't figure it out? any ideas? thinking of pouring a hole bottle of doe urine in it just to see what happens.

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    madison mississippi
    missed mallards do you do any duck hunting in mississippi
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    Did any of you see this picture of this moose-antlered deer that was taken North of Vicksburg on Anderson-Tully land?


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    Maine I killed a deer with horns like a moose 25 years ago,all the guys called it a baby moose.