Mississinewa Reservoir

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    just wanting to get some info on it. someone to point me in the right directions on where to go. i am not asking for your hotspots or nothing. was wanting to make a couple of trips up there this summer. is it mainly channels in there or are there some flatheads.
  2. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    i havent fished it in a few years but ill tell ya what i know. this time of year the cats will be in the upper reaches. the ramp at 1000s, would be my choice. the bay just down stream on the rite has the channel come in close to its mouth. alot of cover in there too, if im remembering correctly. if it rains before your trip you will want to get up in any bay that is fed by a creek and fish the inflow. there are many such bays around the "pearsons mill" area. that ramp is at the end of 300w. later on in the summer months you should concentrate on places where the channel comes close to shore or cover on a flat. you couldnt go wrong setting a couple trot lines in areas you suspect to be productive too. that way you can test many areas in one night. yes there are flaties in the miss,i never broke 20 though, but i havent fished it more than a dozen times either. live or cut gills, chubs, shad, the same old stand by baits will work.

    good luck bro. be sure and let me know how it pans out for ya.