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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by wylie catter, Sep 28, 2008.

  1. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    Thursday I climbed in a stand near my house after work. It was about 7 pm and I'd been sitting for about an hour. I was pretty far off in day dreams when an acorn that felt as big as a baseball hit me in the top of the head.

    Without thinking I said "Dog Gone" pretty loud. I immediatly looked up and saw a doe jump 4 times through some kudzoo and out of sight. So I got excited and stood up. Got my bow ready with the release hooked on and all that stuff. And it wasn't 20 seconds after I got settled that another doe stepped out in the same place. She was pretty far for me. Probably around 40 to 50 yards. But I drew anyway. Put the bead right on her backbone and pulled the trigger. The arrow hit the ground about 10' from her feet. It didn't scare her bad. She just turned around and walked back in the thicket.

    I'm shooting a slow bow (220fps) with a pendalum sight. She was just too far out. But muzzle loading season comes in wednesday and they better watch out.:wink:
  2. CountryHart

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    Hate when that happens:confused2: I usually pass on the long shots myself. I haven't hunted yet because it's been so warm, but my stuff is ready when it cools off. I been shootin almost every evening and have stands ready. Jus to stinkin hot for me to get in the woods.

  3. dieselcat

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    Washington, Mis
    Tuff luck.thats just how it goes sometimes.I havn't been hunting yet either cause of the warm weather but with the front moving in monday i'll be out there tuesday and wednesday supposed to be a high of 67 and the low in the mid 40's,just gonna go do some meat hunting till middle of october then i will hunt for the horns.GOOD LUCK TO ALL:wink:
  4. Kip Brandel

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    Glasgow, Kentuc
    I was watching a hunting show where the shooter missed and the buck came over to the arrow sticking up from the ground and sniffed it and then huffed just as the guy hit him with the second arrow.
    Good Luck next time!
  5. flathead willie

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    Shooting those distances, I think I'd coat my arrows with salt to help preserve the deer until I got there! Just kidding. :wink::smile2: