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    I was bank fishing at this local lake which i reguarly fish and i got there early and fished for about 5 hours and didnt catch anyting to big, well anyway i put a huge blue gill on one of my last rods and this was one of those times i thought i doubt that one will get a bite, well about 30 minutes later i hear the drag screaming, i went and set the hook and it was on there for about 15 seconds stripping drag then got off, i was pissed lol, when i reeled in the hook was lodged in the bluegill so the cat couldnt get hooked, man i was mad that was probally pretty big considering how fast it was stripping drag and how hard it was bending a stiff 12" elimintator, it was one of those times you knew you just missed your personal record lol. well i just had to get that off my mind, it was most probally a flathead too considering the lake and how far i was off bank.
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    Its never fun to lose a big fish, you just need to learn from those experiences.

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    I read an interesting article in In-Fisherman about how to hook big baits for flatheads. They recommend using some strong braided line (60-100 pound test) and tieing that to your main hook then tieing a smaller hook onto that. the line only needs to be 1/2 inch or shorter. The smaller hook holds your bait and keeps the big hook free to do it's job. I haven't tried this yet but have had bait get double hooked and caused me to lose fish so i am definately going to try it this year! Thought this might help with the problem
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    Had similar instances happen to me, especialy in the bays in New Jersey. Some people reported catching sharks in the bays, but I never hooked one. Those were some good times for me fishing the bays back then.
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    sorry to hear ya missed him
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    Welcome to the BOC you got a question this site has the answers. Take a little time to look thru the library, do a little search time. Lots of info on gills and cats. I use to figure use as large a hook till looks unreasonable and then double the size is about right. Remember that spot and conditions and do it again you’ll get her sooner or later. Luck